pqm - Submit changes to a Patch Queue Manager

Version 1.4.0dev
Branch lp:bzr-pqm
Home page https://launchpad.net/bzr-pqm
Owner jameinel
GNU/Linux Yes
Windows Maybe (please test)
Mac OS X Maybe (please test)

Functionality for controlling a Patch Queue Manager (pqm).



Land the merge proposal for this branch via PQM.


bzr lp-land [LOCATION]


--no-qa Does not require QA (tags commit with [no-qa]).
--testfix This is a testfix (tags commit with [testfix]).
--dry-run Display the PQM message instead of sending.
-v, --verbose Display more information.
-q, --quiet Only display errors and warnings.
--incremental Incremental to other bug fix (tags commit with [incr]).
--usage Show usage message and options.
-h, --help Show help message.


The branch will be submitted to PQM according to the merge proposal. If there is more than one one outstanding proposal for the branch, its location must be specified.



Submit the parent tree to the pqm.


bzr pqm-submit [LOCATION]


--dry-run Print request instead of sending.
-v, --verbose Display more information.
 Use this url as the target submission branch.
-q, --quiet Only display errors and warnings.
--usage Show usage message and options.
-m ARG, --message=ARG
 Message to use on merge to pqm. Currently must be a single line because of pqm limits.
--ignore-local Do not check the local branch or tree.
 Use this url as the public location to the pqm.
-h, --help Show help message.


This acts like:

$ echo "star-merge $PARENT $TARGET"
    | gpg --cl
    | mail pqm@somewhere -s "merge text"

But it pays attention to who the local committer is (using their e-mail address), and uses the local gpg signing configuration. (As well as target pqm settings, etc.)

The reason we use ‘parent’ instead of the local branch is that most likely the local branch is not a public branch. And the branch must be available to the pqm.

This can be configured at the branch level using ~/.bazaar/locations.conf. Here is an example:

pqm_email = PQM <pqm@example.com>
pqm_user_email = User Name <user@example.com>
submit_branch = http://code.example.com/code/project/devel
# Set public_branch appropriately for all branches in repository:
public_branch = http://code.example.com/code/emurphy/project
public_branch:policy = appendpath
# Override public_branch for this repository:
public_branch = http://alternate.host.example.com/other/public/branch

smtp_server = host:port
smtp_username =
smtp_password =

If you don’t specify the smtp server, the message will be sent via localhost.

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