loggerhead - Web interface for browsing branches

Version 1.18.0
Branch lp:loggerhead
Home page https://launchpad.net/loggerhead
Owner mwhudson
GNU/Linux Yes
Windows Yes
Mac OS X Yes

Loggerhead web viewer for Bazaar branches.

This provides a new option “–http” to the “bzr serve” command, that starts a web server to browse the contents of a branch.



Run a load test against a live loggerhead instance.


bzr load-test-loggerhead FILENAME


--usage Show usage message and options.
-v, --verbose Display more information.
-q, --quiet Only display errors and warnings.
-h, --help Show help message.


Pass in the name of a script file to run. See loggerhead/load_test.py for a description of the file format.