extmerge - Merge using external GUI tools

Version Not specified
Branch lp:bzr-extmerge
Home page https://launchpad.net/bzr-extmerge
Owner zindar
GNU/Linux Yes
Windows Yes
Mac OS X Yes

external merge plugin for bzr



Calls an external merge program such as meld, xxdiff, kdiff3, opendiff,


bzr extmerge [FILE...]


--usage Show usage message and options.
--all Use all files with conflicts.
-v, --verbose Display more information.
-q, --quiet Only display errors and warnings.
-h, --help Show help message.


Beyond Compare, etc to help you resolve any conflicts you have.

Will call a user defined merge tool if it exists, otherwise, will try bcompare, kdiff3, xxdiff, meld and opendiff, in that order.

To define your own merge tool, set external_merge in bazaar.conf. See extmerge/extmerge.py for the syntax.



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