externals - External branches ala SubversionΒΆ

Version 1.1.0
Branch lp:bzr-externals
Home page https://launchpad.net/bzr-externals
Owner eugene-tarasenko
GNU/Linux Yes
Windows Yes
Mac OS X Yes

Support external branches like svn:externals.

Using hooks, this plugin supports external branches for these commands:

  • branch
  • checkout
  • pull
  • update.

Works from any client including bzr, QBzr, TortoiseBzr and Bazaar Explorer.

To define an external branch, add a line to the .bzrmeta/externals file using the following format:

url directory [revisionspec]

Example definitions are:

bzr://bzr.server/my.project/trunk my.project
http://svn.server/libs/trunk/my.lib libs/my.lib revno:100

Known issues:

  • Does not support ^/ expression in relative urls.
  • pull command does not overwrite your newer working tree if you use a custom revision.
  • update command does not support a custom revision and does not check externals if the branch tip is not changed.
  • Does not support lightweight checkout.

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