debuntu - Shortcuts to Ubuntu and Debian source branches on Launchpad

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Debian and Ubuntu source branch access.


bzr branch ubuntu:gtimelog




This plugin provides some convenient shortcuts for getting to Debian and Ubuntu source branches on Launchpad. It uses the launchpad plugin to resolve the URLs, so you must have that plugin available and set up.

By using the ubuntu: or debian: URL schemes, you can easily access the source branch for a project on Launchpad for the given distribution. You can also specify a distroseries by naming it in the first path parameter. For example, to access the Ubuntu Maverick version of the GTimeLog Time Tracker project, you could use:

bzr branch ubuntu:maverick/gtimelog

Without a distroseries specification, the source package for the current distroseries is used (as determined by Launchpad).

The plugin supports abbreviations for both the distro and distroseries. u: is an abbreviation for ubuntu: and d: is an abbreviation for debian:. Abbreviations for distroseries are also available, e.g:


  • m -> maverick
  • l -> lucid
  • k -> karmic
  • j -> jaunty
  • h -> hardy
  • d -> dapper


  • l -> lenny
  • s -> squeeze


Here are some example usages for accessing the source branches for project foo:

bzr branch expands to
ubuntu:foo lp:ubuntu/foo
ubuntu:maverick/foo lp:ubuntu/maverick/foo
ubuntu:m/foo lp:ubuntu/maverick/foo
u:foo lp:ubuntu/foo
u:maverick/foo lp:ubuntu/maverick/foo
u:m/foo lp:ubuntu/maverick/foo
debian:foo lp:debian/foo
debian:squeeze/foo lp:debian/squeeze/foo
debian:s/foo lp:debian/squeeze/foo
d:foo lp:debian/foo
d:squeeze/foo lp:debian/squeeze/foo
d:s/foo lp:debian/squeeze/foo