Entering commands

User interfaces

There are numerous user interfaces available for Bazaar. The core package provides a command line tool called bzr and graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are available as plug-ins.

Using bzr

The syntax is:

bzr [global-options] command [options and arguments]

Global options affect how Bazaar operates and can appear either before or after command. Command specific options must appear after the command but may be given either before, during or after any command-specific arguments.

Common options

Some options are legal for all commands as shown below.

Short form Long form Description
-h –help get help
-v –verbose be more verbose
-q –quiet be more quiet

Quiet mode implies that only errors and warnings are displayed. This can be useful in scripts.

Note: Most commands typically only support one level of verbosity though that may change in the future. To ask for a higher level of verbosity, simply specify the -v option multiple times.

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