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User QuotesΒΆ

“BzrExplorer is one of the greatest and most brilliant tools for bzr. You’ve accomplished many things with this piece of software, and there are many more things to be accomplished. I expect to be using this great GUI for years”

Nicholas Kinar, December 5, 2009

“Bazaar Explorer wins hands down over RapidSVN.”

Russel Winder, September 10, 2009

“A friendly and intuitive UI is what makes a version control system accessible to the other 99% of people on the planet. Thank you, and may the command line rest in peace.”

Launchpad user “gregspecialsource”, July 28, 2009

“bzr-explorer makes my toes curl up and my eyes roll back into my head from pure ecstasy. I can’t explain how much I enjoy using it”

Marius Kruger, July 20, 2009