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Making a release

Prepare the code

  1. Update the following places:

    • ./NEWS.txt - actual release date

    • ./ - version identifier:

      version_info = (X, Y, Z, 'final', 0)
    • ./ - version identifier:

  1. Commit these changes and tag the revision as release-X.Y.Z.
  2. If not using a bound branch, push the changes to Launchpad.

Build the distribution files

  1. Make source code tarball:

    bzr export --root=bzr-explorer-X.Y.Z bzr-explorer-X.Y.Z.tar.gz

    Sign the archive with your GPG key:

    gpg -ab bzr-explorer-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
  2. Build binary translations files:

    python build_mo -f
  3. Make Windows installer:

    iscc extras/explorer.iss

    Sign the installer with your GPG key:

    gpg -ab bzr-explorer-setup-X.Y.Z.exe

Register the release on Launchpad

  1. Make the page for the new release:

  2. Copy information about the release from NEWS.txt to the Release notes section. Leave the Changelog section empty.

  3. Upload tarball and installer with their gpg-signatures.

Update the website

  1. Update the _templates/indexsidebar.html file to show the release date and number. Also update the links in this file to reference the right download page for the release.
  2. Commit the changes.
  3. If not using a bound branch, push the changes to Launchpad.

The new website will be rebuilt on the server the next time the relevant cron job kicks off.

Announce the release

  1. Send a short e-mail announcing the release to, copying

  2. Announce the release on Launchpad: