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Our VisionΒΆ

Bazaar Explorer is a desktop application providing an easy-to-use interface to the Bazaar version control system. It is designed to be simple enough for casual users of version control, yet powerful enough for experts to be productive.

Unlike many other version control applications, the focus is on managing branches and changes, rather than directories and files. For example, it’s easy to see exactly what’s changed in a branch and how it differs from it parent branch.

Bazaar Explorer encourages good development practices by recommending steps to take next, based on the state information it finds. For example, if unversioned items are found in the working tree for a project, it will recommend that you add them, ignore them or delete them. If there are no conflicts and no unversioned items, it will recommended checking the overall difference before committing the change as a new revision.

Like Bazaar, Bazaar Explorer adapts to how you want to work, supporting a range of workflows from Solo to Central to Distributed with central gatekeeper.

Above all, we’re setting out to deliver Version Control for Human Beings. We take pride in:

  • clean UI design
  • responding to bug reports in a timely manner
  • enabling localisation so more people can benefit from version control.

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Key Features