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Isolating where problems are occurring

If you encounter a problem while using Bazaar Explorer, please take a moment to report it as a bug against the relevant product: Bazaar Explorer, QBzr/bzr-gtk or the core bzr tool. Here is an example of how to do this when tracking down a problem with Pull.

To see what Bazaar Explorer is doing, switch on Diagnostic Mode using the relevant action under the View menu.

Click on the action and a dialog will be presented showing you what command Explorer is executing under the covers.


Diagnostic mode shows the command and the directory it is run in.

If you think Bazaar Explorer is doing the right thing, try the relevant QBzr (or bzr-gtk) command in a terminal. For example:

bzr qpull

If the bug still occurs, try the core bzr command like this:

bzr pull

If Bazaar Explorer is doing the wrong thing, use Help ‣ Report a Problem to report the bug. Bugs in Bazaar can be reported using Tools ‣ Bazaar Support ‣ Report a Bug. If the bug is in QBzr (or bzr-gtk), use this same link and change bzr to the relevant product name in the URL.


If in doubt, report the bug against Bazaar Explorer and the developers will assign it to the correct project after they investigate the problem.

Collecting diagnostic information

Good information about how the bug occurred and your environment can speed the bug fixing process. Here are some of the places to find useful information.


Help ‣ About


Bazaar ‣ Explore ‣ System Information


Bazaar ‣ Explore ‣ System Log

On some occasions, Bazaar Explorer will encounter a problem and give you a dialog offering to Close the application or Ignore the error. To collect more information about the problem, use the -Derror option on the command line like this:

bzr explorer -Derror

An exception trace will then be shown on the terminal the next time the error occurs.