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Configuring your environment

Bazaar configuration

Start Bazaar Explorer. The welcome page will be shown.


The Welcome page on Ubuntu.

Select Configuration to configure Bazaar. Enter your name and email address. You can also configure a preferred text editor. If not set, several environment variables are checked (BZR_EDITOR, VISUAL, EDITOR) before falling back to a desktop-specific default.


The Configuration dialog on OS X.

Close the dialog.

Explorer preferences

To personalize Bazaar Explorer, select Options (on Windows) or Preferences (other platforms).


The Options dialog on Windows.

Browse through the preference and adjust them as you see fit. If in doubt, stick with the default settings. Detailed information on the available preferences is presented later.

SSH: secure network transfers

If you are used Bazaar across the Internet, it is recommended that SSH be used for network transfers. See for instructions on installing and configuring SSH for your platform.

Launchpad login

While not strictly required, it is highly recommended that Bazaar users create an account on Launchpad, Canonical’s project hosting service. This account can be used for asking questions, reporting bugs, fetching software (including Bazaar plugins) and submitting proposed changes. To create an account, visit

After creating an account, upload your SSH key and register your Launchpad login with Bazaar. To do this, Select All on the toolbar, select launchpad-login as the command and enter your login-id into the relevant field.


Registering your Launchpad login with Bazaar.

Select OK and close the dialog.

You are now ready to begin using Bazaar.