URL IdentifiersΒΆ

Supported URL prefixes:

aftp://             Access using active FTP.
bzr://              Fast access using the Bazaar smart server.
bzr+ssh://          Fast access using the Bazaar smart server over SSH.
file://             Access using the standard filesystem (default)
ftp://              Access using passive FTP.
http://             Read-only access of branches exported on the web.
https://            Read-only access of branches exported on the web using SSL.
sftp://             Access using SFTP (most SSH servers provide SFTP).

Supported modifiers:

gio+                Access using any GIO supported protocols.

Bazaar supports all of the standard parts within the URL:


allowing URLs such as:


For bzr+ssh:// and sftp:// URLs, Bazaar also supports paths that begin with ‘~’ as meaning that the rest of the path should be interpreted relative to the remote user’s home directory. For example if the user remote has a home directory of /home/remote on the server shell.example.com, then:


would refer to /home/remote/myproject/trunk.

Many commands that accept URLs also accept location aliases too. See Location aliases and Special character handling in URLs.

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