Display status summary.


bzr status [FILE...]

-S, --short

Use short status indicators.

-v, --verbose

Display more information.

-V, --versioned

Only show versioned files.


Don’t show pending merges.

-h, --help

Show help message.

-q, --quiet

Only display errors and warnings.


Do not mark object type using indicator.


Show usage message and options.


Show internal object ids.

-c ARG, --change=ARG

Select changes introduced by the specified revision. See also “help revisionspec”.

-r ARG, --revision=ARG

See “help revisionspec” for details.


This reports on versioned and unknown files, reporting them grouped by state. Possible states are:


Versioned in the working copy but not in the previous revision.


Versioned in the previous revision but removed or deleted in the working copy.


Path of this file changed from the previous revision; the text may also have changed. This includes files whose parent directory was renamed.


Text has changed since the previous revision.

kind changed

File kind has been changed (e.g. from file to directory).


Not versioned and not matching an ignore pattern.

Additionally for directories, symlinks and files with a changed executable bit, Bazaar indicates their type using a trailing character: ‘/’, ‘@’ or ‘*’ respectively. These decorations can be disabled using the ‘–no-classify’ option.

To see ignored files use ‘bzr ignored’. For details on the changes to file texts, use ‘bzr diff’.

Note that –short or -S gives status flags for each item, similar to Subversion’s status command. To get output similar to svn -q, use bzr status -SV.

If no arguments are specified, the status of the entire working directory is shown. Otherwise, only the status of the specified files or directories is reported. If a directory is given, status is reported for everything inside that directory.

Before merges are committed, the pending merge tip revisions are shown. To see all pending merge revisions, use the -v option. To skip the display of pending merge information altogether, use the no-pending option or specify a file/directory.

To compare the working directory to a specific revision, pass a single revision to the revision argument.

To see which files have changed in a specific revision, or between two revisions, pass a revision range to the revision argument. This will produce the same results as calling ‘bzr diff –summarize’.


st, stat

See also:

diff, revert, status-flags

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