Compress the data within a repository.


bzr pack [BRANCH_OR_REPO]


Show usage message and options.

-q, --quiet

Only display errors and warnings.


Delete obsolete packs to save disk space.

-v, --verbose

Display more information.

-h, --help

Show help message.


This operation compresses the data within a bazaar repository. As bazaar supports automatic packing of repository, this operation is normally not required to be done manually.

During the pack operation, bazaar takes a backup of existing repository data, i.e. pack files. This backup is eventually removed by bazaar automatically when it is safe to do so. To save disk space by removing the backed up pack files, the –clean-obsolete-packs option may be used.

Warning: If you use –clean-obsolete-packs and your machine crashes during or immediately after repacking, you may be left with a state where the deletion has been written to disk but the new packs have not been. In this case the repository may be unusable.

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