Log FormatsΒΆ

A log format controls how information about each revision is displayed. The standard log formats are compared below:

Feature                 long           short         line
----------------------  -------------  ------------  -------------------
design goal             detailed view  concise view  1 revision per line
committer               name+email     name only     name only
author                  name+email     -             -
date-time format        full           date only     date only
commit message          full           full          top line
tags                    yes            yes           yes
merges indicator        -              yes           -
status/delta            optional       optional      -
diff/patch              optional       optional      -
revision-id             optional       optional      -
branch nick             yes            -             -
foreign vcs properties  yes            yes           -
preferred levels        all            1             1
digital signature       optional       -             -

The default format is long. To change this, define the log_format setting in the [DEFAULT] section of bazaar.conf like this (say):

log_format = short

Alternatively, to change the log format used for a given query, use the –long, –short or –line options.

If one of the standard log formats does not meet your needs, additional formats can be provided by plugins.

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