Debug FlagsΒΆ

These flags can be passed on the bzr command line or (without the -D prefix) put in the debug_flags variable in bazaar.conf.

-Dauth Trace authentication sections used.
-Dbytes Print out how many bytes were transferred
-Ddirstate Trace dirstate activity (verbose!)
-Derror Instead of normal error handling, always print a traceback on error.
-Devil Capture call sites that do expensive or badly-scaling operations.
-Dfetch Trace history copying between repositories.
-Dfilters Emit information for debugging content filtering.
 Force use of inventory deltas during generic streaming fetch.
-Dgraph Trace graph traversal.
-Dhashcache Log every time a working file is read to determine its hash.
-Dhooks Trace hook execution.
-Dhpss Trace smart protocol requests and responses.
-Dhpssdetail More hpss details.
-Dhpssvfs Traceback on vfs access to Remote objects.
-Dhttp Trace http connections, requests and responses.
-Dindex Trace major index operations.
-Dknit Trace knit operations.
-Dlock Trace when lockdir locks are taken or released.
-Dnoretry If a connection is reset, fail immediately rather than retrying the request.
-Dprogress Trace progress bar operations.
-Dmem_dump Dump memory to a file upon an out of memory error.
-Dmerge Emit information for debugging merges.
-Dno_apport Don’t use apport to report crashes.
-Dno_activity Don’t show transport activity indicator in progress bar.
-Dpack Emit information about pack operations.
-Drelock Emit a message every time a branch or repository object is unlocked then relocked the same way.
-Dsftp Trace SFTP internals.
-Dstatic_tuple Error when a tuple is used where a StaticTuple is expected
-Dstream Trace fetch streams.
-Dstrict_locks Trace when OS locks are potentially used in a non-portable manner.
-Dunlock Some errors during unlock are treated as warnings.
-DIDS_never Never use InterDifferingSerializer when fetching.
-DIDS_always Always use InterDifferingSerializer to fetch if appropriate for the format, even for non-local fetches.

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