Bazaar Release Notes

bzr 0.6



  • pull now takes –verbose to show you what revisions are added or removed (John A Meinel)
  • merge now takes a –show-base option to include the base text in conflicts. (Aaron Bentley)
  • The config files are now read using ConfigObj, so ‘=’ should be used as a separator, not ‘:’. (Aaron Bentley)
  • New ‘bzr commit –strict’ option refuses to commit if there are any unknown files in the tree. To commit, make sure all files are either ignored, added, or deleted. (Michael Ellerman)
  • The config directory is now ~/.bazaar, and there is a single file ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf storing email, editor and other preferences. (Robert Collins)
  • ‘bzr add’ no longer takes a –verbose option, and a –quiet option has been added that suppresses all output.
  • Improved zsh completion support in contrib/zsh, from Clint Adams.
  • Builtin ‘bzr annotate’ command, by Martin Pool with improvements from Goffredo Baroncelli.
  • ‘bzr check’ now accepts -v for verbose reporting, and checks for ghosts in the branch. (Robert Collins)
  • New command ‘re-sign’ which will regenerate the gpg signature for a revision. (Robert Collins)
  • If you set check_signatures=require for a path in ~/.bazaar/branches.conf then bzr will invoke your gpg_signing_command (defaults to gpg) and record a digital signature of your commit. (Robert Collins)
  • New SFTP transport, based on Paramiko. (Robey Pointer)
  • ‘bzr pull’ now accepts ‘–clobber’ which will discard local changes and make this branch identical to the source branch. (Robert Collins)
  • Just give a quieter warning if a plugin can’t be loaded, and put the details in .bzr.log. (Martin Pool)
  • ‘bzr branch’ will now set the branch-name to the last component of the output directory, if one was supplied.
  • If the option post_commit is set to one (or more) python function names (must be in the bzrlib namespace), then they will be invoked after the commit has completed, with the branch and revision_id as parameters. (Robert Collins)
  • Merge now has a retcode of 1 when conflicts occur. (Robert Collins)
  • –merge-type weave is now supported for file contents. Tree-shape changes are still three-way based. (Martin Pool, Aaron Bentley)
  • ‘bzr check’ allows the first revision on revision-history to have parents - something that is expected for cheap checkouts, and occurs when conversions from baz do not have all history. (Robert Collins).
  • ‘bzr merge’ can now graft unrelated trees together, if your specify 0 as a base. (Aaron Bentley)
  • ‘bzr commit branch’ and ‘bzr commit branch/file1 branch/file2’ now work (Aaron Bentley)
  • Add ‘.sconsign*’ to default ignore list. (Alexander Belchenko)
  • ‘bzr merge –reprocess’ minimizes conflicts


  • The ‘bzr selftest –pattern’ option for has been removed, now test specifiers on the command line can be simple strings, or regexps, or both. (Robert Collins)
  • Passing -v to selftest will now show the time each test took to complete, which will aid in analysing performance regressions and related questions. (Robert Collins)
  • ‘bzr selftest’ runs all tests, even if one fails, unless ‘–one’ is given. (Martin Pool)
  • There is a new method for TestCaseInTempDir, assertFileEqual, which will check that a given content is equal to the content of the named file. (Robert Collins)
  • Fix test suite’s habit of leaving many temporary log files in $TMPDIR. (Martin Pool)


  • New ‘testament’ command and concept for making gpg-signatures of revisions that are not tied to a particular internal representation. (Martin Pool).
  • Per-revision properties (‘revprops’) as key-value associated strings on each revision created when the revision is committed. Intended mainly for the use of external tools. (Martin Pool).
  • Config options have moved from bzrlib.osutils to bzrlib.config. (Robert Collins)
  • Improved command line option definitions allowing explanations for individual options, among other things. Contributed by Magnus Therning.
  • Config options have moved from bzrlib.osutils to bzrlib.config. Configuration is now done via the config.Config interface: Depending on whether you have a Branch, a Location or no information available, construct a *Config, and use its signature_checking, username and user_email methods. (Robert Collins)
  • Plugins are now loaded under bzrlib.plugins, not bzrlib.plugin, and they are made available for other plugins to use. You should not import other plugins during the __init__ of your plugin though, as no ordering is guaranteed, and the plugins directory is not on the python path. (Robert Collins)
  • Branch.relpath has been moved to WorkingTree.relpath. WorkingTree no no longer takes an inventory, rather it takes an option branch parameter, and if None is given will open the branch at basedir implicitly. (Robert Collins)
  • Cleaner exception structure and error reporting. Suggested by Scott James Remnant. (Martin Pool)
  • Branch.remove has been moved to WorkingTree, which has also gained lock_read, lock_write and unlock methods for convenience. (Robert Collins)
  • Two decorators, needs_read_lock and needs_write_lock have been added to the branch module. Use these to cause a function to run in a read or write lock respectively. (Robert Collins)
  • Branch.open_containing now returns a tuple (Branch, relative-path), which allows direct access to the common case of ‘get me this file from its branch’. (Robert Collins)
  • Transports can register using register_lazy_transport, and they will be loaded when first used. (Martin Pool)
  • ‘pull’ has been factored out of the command as WorkingTree.pull(). A new option to WorkingTree.pull has been added, clobber, which will ignore diverged history and pull anyway. (Robert Collins)
  • config.Config has a get_user_option call that accepts an option name. This will be looked up in branches.conf and bazaar.conf as normal. It is intended that this be used by plugins to support options - options of built in programs should have specific methods on the config. (Robert Collins)
  • merge.merge_inner now has tempdir as an optional parameter. (Robert Collins)
  • Tree.kind is not recorded at the top level of the hierarchy, as it was missing on EmptyTree, leading to a bug with merge on EmptyTrees. (Robert Collins)
  • WorkingTree.__del__ has been removed, it was non deterministic and not doing what it was intended to. See WorkingTree.__init__ for a comment about future directions. (Robert Collins/Martin Pool)
  • bzrlib.transport.http has been modified so that only 404 urllib errors are returned as NoSuchFile. Other exceptions will propagate as normal. This allows debuging of actual errors. (Robert Collins)
  • bzrlib.transport.Transport now accepts ONLY URL-escaped relative paths to apis like ‘put’, ‘get’ and ‘has’. This is to provide consistent behaviour - it operates on URLs only. (Robert Collins)
  • Transports can register using register_lazy_transport, and they will be loaded when first used. (Martin Pool)
  • merge_flex no longer calls conflict_handler.finalize(), instead that is called by merge_inner. This is so that the conflict count can be retrieved (and potentially manipulated) before returning to the caller of merge_inner. Likewise ‘merge’ now returns the conflict count to the caller. (Robert Collins)
  • revision.revision_graph can handle having only partial history for a revision - that is no revisions in the graph with no parents. (Robert Collins).
  • New builtins.branch_files uses the standard file_list rules to produce a branch and a list of paths, relative to that branch (Aaron Bentley)
  • New TestCase.addCleanup facility.
  • New bzrlib.version_info tuple (similar to sys.version_info), which can be used by programs importing bzrlib.

Bug Fixes

  • Better handling of branches in directories with non-ascii names. (Joel Rosdahl, Panagiotis Papadakos)
  • Upgrades of trees with no commits will not fail due to accessing [-1] in the revision-history. (Andres Salomon)

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