Bazaar Release Notes

bzr 0.16



  • Handle when you have 2 directories with similar names, but one has a hyphen. ('abc' versus 'abc-2'). The WT4._iter_changes iterator was using direct comparison and 'abc/a' sorts after 'abc-2', but ('abc', 'a') sorts before ('abc-2',). (John Arbash Meinel, #111127)
  • Handle when someone renames a file on disk without telling bzr. Previously we would report the first file as missing, but not show the new unknown file. (John Arbash Meinel, #111288)
  • Avoid error when running hooks after pulling into or pushing from a branch bound to a smartserver branch. (Martin Pool, #111968)


  • Move developer documentation to doc/developers/. This reduces clutter in the root of the source tree and allows HACKING to be split into multiple files. (Robert Collins, Alexander Belchenko)
  • Clean up the WorkingTree4._iter_changes() internal loops as well as DirState.update_entry(). This optimizes the core logic for bzr diff and bzr status significantly improving the speed of both. (John Arbash Meinel)

bzr 0.16rc2



  • Handle the case when you delete a file, and then rename another file on top of it. Also handle the case of bzr rm --keep foo. bzr status should show the removed file and an unknown file in its place. (John Arbash Meinel, #109993)
  • Bundles properly read and write revision properties that have an empty value. And when the value is not ASCII. (John Arbash Meinel, #109613)
  • Fix the bzr commit message to be in text mode. (Alexander Belchenko, #110901)
  • Also handle when you rename a file and create a file where it used to be. (John Arbash Meinel, #110256)
  • WorkingTree4._iter_changes should not descend into unversioned directories. (John Arbash Meinel, #110399)

bzr 0.16rc1


Notes When Upgrading

  • bzr remove and bzr rm will now remove the working file, if it could be recovered again. This has been done for consistency with svn and the unix rm command. The old remove behaviour has been retained in the new option bzr remove --keep, which will just stop versioning the file, but not delete it. bzr remove --force have been added which will always delete the files. bzr remove is also more verbose. (Marius Kruger, #82602)


  • Merge directives can now be supplied as input to merge and pull, like bundles can. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Sending the SIGQUIT signal to bzr, which can be done on Unix by pressing Control-Backslash, drops bzr into a debugger. Type 'c' to continue. This can be disabled by setting the environment variable BZR_SIGQUIT_PDB=0. (Martin Pool)
  • selftest now supports –list-only to list tests instead of running them. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • selftest now supports –exclude PATTERN (or -x PATTERN) to exclude tests with names that match that regular expression. (Ian Clatworthy, #102679)
  • selftest now supports –randomize SEED to run tests in a random order. SEED is typically the value ‘now’ meaning ‘use the current time’. (Ian Clatworthy, #102686)
  • New option --fixes to commit, which stores bug fixing annotations as revision properties. Built-in support for Launchpad, Debian, Trac and Bugzilla bug trackers. (Jonathan Lange, James Henstridge, Robert Collins)
  • New API, bzrlib.bugtracker.tracker_registry, for adding support for other bug trackers to fixes. (Jonathan Lange, James Henstridge, Robert Collins)
  • selftest has new short options -f and -1. (Martin Pool)
  • bzrlib.tsort.MergeSorter optimizations. Change the inner loop into using local variables instead of going through self._var. Improves the time to merge_sort a 10k revision graph by approximately 40% (~700->400ms). (John Arbash Meinel)
  • make docs now creates a man page at man1/bzr.1 fixing bug 107388. (Robert Collins)
  • bzr help now provides cross references to other help topics using the _see_also facility on command classes. Likewise the bzr_man documentation, and the bzr.1 man page also include this information. (Robert Collins)
  • Tags are now included in logs, that use the long log formatter. (Erik Bågfors, Alexander Belchenko)
  • bzr help provides a clearer message when a help topic cannot be found. (Robert Collins, #107656)
  • bzr help now accepts optional prefixes for command help. The help for all commands can now be found at bzr help commands/COMMANDNAME as well as bzr help COMMANDNAME (which only works for commands where the name is not the same as a more general help topic). (Robert Collins)
  • bzr help PLUGINNAME will now return the module docstring from the plugin PLUGINNAME. (Robert Collins, #50408)
  • New help topic urlspec which lists the availables transports. (Goffredo Baroncelli)
  • doc/server.txt updated to document the default bzr:// port and also update the blurb about the hpss’ current status. (Robert Collins, #107125).
  • bzr serve now listens on interface by default, making it serve out to the local LAN (and anyone in the world that can reach the machine running bzr serve. (Robert Collins, #98918)
  • A new smart server protocol version has been added. It prefixes requests and responses with an explicit version identifier so that future protocol revisions can be dealt with gracefully. (Andrew Bennetts, Robert Collins)
  • The bzr protocol version 2 indicates success or failure in every response without depending on particular commands encoding that consistently, allowing future client refactorings to be much more robust about error handling. (Robert Collins, Martin Pool, Andrew Bennetts)
  • The smart protocol over HTTP client has been changed to always post to the same .bzr/smart URL under the original location when it can. This allows HTTP servers to only have to pass URLs ending in .bzr/smart to the smart server handler, and not arbitrary .bzr/*/smart URLs. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • digest authentication is now supported for proxies and HTTP by the urllib based HTTP implementation. Tested against Apache 2.0.55 and Squid 2.6.5. Basic and digest authentication are handled coherently for HTTP and proxy: if the user is provided in the URL (bzr command line for HTTP, proxy environment variables for proxies), the password is prompted for (only once). If the password is provided, it is taken into account. Once the first authentication is successful, all further authentication roundtrips are avoided by preventively setting the right authentication header(s). (Vincent Ladeuil).


  • bzrlib API compatability with 0.8 has been dropped, cleaning up some code paths. (Robert Collins)
  • Change the format of chroot URLS so that they can be safely manipulated by generic URL utilities without causing the resulting URLs to have escaped the chroot. A side effect of this is that creating a chroot requires an explicit action using a ChrootServer. (Robert Collins, Andrew Bennetts)
  • Deprecate Branch.get_root_id() because branches don’t have root ids, rather than fixing bug #96847. (Aaron Bentley)
  • WorkingTree.apply_inventory_delta provides a better alternative to WorkingTree._write_inventory. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Convenience method TestCase.expectFailure ensures that known failures do not silently pass. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Transport.local_abspath now raises NotLocalUrl rather than TransportNotPossible. (Martin Pool, Ian Clatworthy)
  • New SmartServer hooks facility. There are two initial hooks documented in The two initial hooks allow plugins to execute code upon server startup and shutdown. (Robert Collins).
  • SmartServer in standalone mode will now close its listening socket when it stops, rather than waiting for garbage collection. This primarily fixes test suite hangs when a test tries to connect to a shutdown server. It may also help improve behaviour when dealing with a server running on a specific port (rather than dynamically assigned ports). (Robert Collins)
  • Move most SmartServer code into a new package, bzrlib/smart. bzrlib/transport/ contains just the Transport classes that used to be in bzrlib/transport/ (Andrew Bennetts)
  • urllib HTTP implementation avoid roundtrips associated with 401 (and 407) errors once the authentication succeeds. (Vincent Ladeuil).
  • urlib HTTP now supports querying the user for a proxy password if needed. Realm is shown in the prompt for both HTTP and proxy authentication when the user is required to type a password. (Vincent Ladeuil).
  • Renamed SmartTransport (and subclasses like SmartTCPTransport) to RemoteTransport (and subclasses to RemoteTCPTransport, etc). This is more consistent with its new home in bzrlib/transport/, and because it’s not really a “smart” transport, just one that does file operations via remote procedure calls. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • The lock_write method of LockableFiles, Repository and Branch now accept a token keyword argument, so that separate instances of those objects can share a lock if it has the right token. (Andrew Bennetts, Robert Collins)
  • New method get_branch_reference on BzrDir allows the detection of branch references - which the smart server component needs.
  • The Repository API make_working_trees is now permitted to return False when set_make_working_trees is not implemented - previously an unimplemented set_make_working_trees implied the result True from make_working_trees. This has been changed to accomodate the smart server, where it does not make sense (at this point) to ever make working trees by default. (Robert Collins)
  • Command objects can now declare related help topics by having _see_also set to a list of related topic. (Robert Collins)
  • now delegates to the Command class for Command specific help. (Robert Collins)
  • New class TransportListRegistry, derived from the Registry class, which simplifies tracking the available Transports. (Goffredo Baroncelli)
  • New function Branch.get_revision_id_to_revno_map which will return a dictionary mapping revision ids to dotted revnos. Since dotted revnos are defined in the context of the branch tip, it makes sense to generate them from a Branch object. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • Fix the ‘Unprintable error’ message display to use the repr of the exception that prevented printing the error because the str value for it is often not useful in debugging (e.g. KeyError(‘foo’) has a str() of ‘foo’ but a repr of ‘KeyError(‘foo’)’ which is much more useful. (Robert Collins)
  • urlutils.normalize_url now unescapes unreserved characters, such as “~”. (Andrew Bennetts)


  • Don’t fail bundle selftest if email has ‘two’ embedded. (Ian Clatworthy, #98510)
  • Remove --verbose from bzr bundle. It didn’t work anyway. (Robert Widhopf-Fenk, #98591)
  • Remove --basis from the checkout/branch commands - it didn’t work properly and is no longer beneficial. (Robert Collins, #53675, #43486)
  • Don’t produce encoding error when adding duplicate files. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Fix bzr log <file> so it only logs the revisions that changed the file, and does it faster. (Kent Gibson, John Arbash Meinel, #51980, #69477)
  • Fix InterDirstateTre._iter_changes to handle when we come across an empty versioned directory, which now has files in it. (John Arbash Meinel, #104257)
  • Teach common_ancestor to shortcut when the tip of one branch is inside the ancestry of the other. Saves a lot of graph processing (with an ancestry of 16k revisions, bzr merge ../already-merged changes from 2m10s to 13s). (John Arbash Meinel, #103757)
  • Fix show_diff_trees to handle the case when a file is modified, and the containing directory is renamed. (The file path is different in this versus base, but it isn’t marked as a rename). (John Arbash Meinel, #103870)
  • FTP now works even when the FTP server does not support atomic rename. (Aaron Bentley, #89436)
  • Correct handling in bundles and merge directives of timezones with that are not an integer number of hours offset from UTC. Always represent the epoch time in UTC to avoid problems with formatting earlier times on win32. (Martin Pool, Alexander Belchenko, John Arbash Meinel)
  • Typo in the help for register-branch fixed. (Robert Collins, #96770)
  • “dirstate” and “dirstate-tags” formats now produce branches compatible with old versions of bzr. (Aaron Bentley, #107168))
  • Handle moving a directory when children have been added, removed, and renamed. (John Arbash Meinel, #105479)
  • Don’t preventively use basic authentication for proxy before receiving a 407 error. Otherwise people willing to use other authentication schemes may expose their password in the clear (or nearly). This add one roundtrip in case basic authentication should be used, but plug the security hole. (Vincent Ladeuil)
  • Handle HTTP and proxy digest authentication. (Vincent Ladeuil, #94034).


  • Added bzrlib.strace.strace which will strace a single callable and return a StraceResult object which contains just the syscalls involved in running it. (Robert Collins)
  • New test method reduceLockdirTimeout to drop the default (ui-centric) default time down to one suitable for tests. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • Add new vfs_transport_factory attribute on tests which provides the common vfs backing for both the readonly and readwrite transports. This allows the RemoteObject tests to back onto local disk or memory, and use the existing transport_server attribute all tests know about to be the smart server transport. This in turn allows tests to differentiate between ‘transport to access the branch’, and ‘transport which is a VFS’ - which matters in Remote* tests. (Robert Collins, Andrew Bennetts)
  • The make_branch_and_tree method for tests will now create a lightweight checkout for the tree if the vfs_transport_factory is not a LocalURLServer. (Robert Collins, Andrew Bennetts)
  • Branch implementation tests have been audited to ensure that all URLs passed to Branch APIs use proper URLs, except when local-disk paths are intended. This is so that tests correctly access the test transport which is often not equivalent to local disk in Remote* tests. As part of this many tests were adjusted to remove dependencies on local disk access. (Robert Collins, Andrew Bennetts)
  • Mark bzrlib.tests and bzrlib.tests.TestUtil as providing assertFOO helper functions by adding a __unittest global attribute. (Robert Collins, Andrew Bennetts, Martin Pool, Jonathan Lange)
  • Refactored proxy and authentication handling to simplify the implementation of new auth schemes for both HTTP and proxy. (Vincent Ladeuil)

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