Display, set or remove a configuration option.


bzr config [NAME]


Display all the defined values for the matching options.

-v, --verbose

Display more information.

-q, --quiet

Only display errors and warnings.


Remove the option from the configuration file

-d ARG, --directory=ARG

Branch to operate on, instead of working directory


Show usage message and options.


Reduce the scope to the specified configuration file

-h, --help

Show help message.


Display the active value for a given option.

If –all is specified, NAME is interpreted as a regular expression and all matching options are displayed mentioning their scope. The active value that bzr will take into account is the first one displayed for each option.

If no NAME is given, –all .* is implied.

Setting a value is achieved by using name=value without spaces. The value is set in the most relevant scope and can be checked by displaying the option again.

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