bzr 2.2.5


This is a bugfix release. One regression introduced in 2.2b1 has been fixed for some rare conflict resolutions. Also a warning is now emmitted when branching an out-of-date ubuntu packaging branch. Upgrading is recommended for all users on earlier 2.2 releases.

Compatibility Breaks


New Features


Bug Fixes

  • Correctly handle bzr log and get_known_graph_ancestry on a doubly-stacked branch. (James Westby, Martin Pool, #715000)
  • Don’t crash while merging and encountering obscure path conflicts involving different root-ids. (Vincent Ladeuil, #805809)


  • Fixed bug in the bundled copy of ConfigObj with quoting of triple quotes in the value string. Fix suggested by ConfigObj’s author Michael Foord. (Alexander Belchenko, #710410)

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