bzr 2.2.3


This is a bugfix release. Upgrading is recommended for all users on earlier 2.2 releases.

Compatibility Breaks

  • Launchpad has announced that the instance is deprecated and may be shut down in the future <>. Bazaar has therefore been updated in this release to talk to the main ( servers, rather than the edge ones. (Vincent Ladeuil, #583667)

New Features


Bug Fixes

  • Avoid UnicodeDecodeError in bzr add with multiple files under a non-ascii path on windows from symlink support addition. (Martin [gz], #686611)
  • Correctly resolve content (and path) conflicts for files in subdirs. (Vincent Ladeuil, #660935)
  • Don’t probe for a repository from within NotBranchError.__repr__, because this can cause knock-on errors at awkward times. (Andrew Bennetts, #687653)
  • Fix a crash during RepositoryPackCollection.pack caused by a concurrent repository pack operation. This was particularly affecting bzr-svn users. (Andrew Bennetts, #701940)
  • https access works again with recent versions of python2.7. (Vincent Ladeuil, #693880)
  • RevisionTree.is_executable no longer returns None for directories and symlinks. Instead, it returns False, like other Trees and methods. (Aaron Bentley, #681885)

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