bzr 2.2.2


This is a bugfix release. None of these bugfixes are critical, but upgrading is recommended for all users on earlier 2.2 releases.

Bug Fixes

  • bzr resolve --take-other <file> will not crash anymore if <file> is involved in a text conflict (but the conflict is still not resolved). (Vincent Ladeuil, #646961)
  • Commit in a bound branch or heavyweight checkout now propagates tags (e.g. from a merge) to the master branch (and informs the user if there is a conflict). (Andrew Bennetts, #603395)
  • Correctly set the Content-Type header when http POSTing to comply with stricter web frameworks. (Vincent Ladeuil, #665100)
  • NotBranchError no longer allows errors from calling bzrdir.open_repository() to propagate. This is unhelpful at best, and at worst can trigger infinite loops in callers. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • Skip tests that needs a bzr source tree when there isn’t one. This is needed to succesfully run the test suite for installed versions. (Vincent Ladeuil, #644855).
  • Skip the tests that requires respecting the chmod bits when running as root. Including the one that wasn’t present in 2.1. (Vincent Ladeuil, #646133)
  • Using bzr with lp: urls behind an http proxy should work. (Robert Collins, #558343)
  • Windows installers no longer requires the Microsoft vcredist to be installed. (Martin [gz], Gary van der Merwe, #632465)
  • Close leaked socket to SSH subprocesses, which caused dput sftp uploads to hang. (Max Bowsher, #659590)


  • Add tests/ssl_certs/ca.crt to the required test files list. Test involving the pycurl https test server fail otherwise when running selftest from an installed version. (Vincent Ladeuil, #651706)
  • Fix tests that failed when run under LANG=C. (Andrew Bennetts, #632387)

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