bzr 2.1.1


This is a small bugfix release. Upgrading is recommended for anyone running 2.1.0 or earlier.

Bug Fixes

  • Allow syscalls to automatically restart when TextUIFactory‘s SIGWINCH handler is invoked, avoiding EINTR errors during blocking IO, which are often poorly handled by Python’s libraries and parts of bzrlib. (Andrew Bennetts, #496813)
  • Avoid malloc(0) in patiencediff, which is non-portable. (Martin Pool, #331095)
  • Fix plugin packaging on Windows. (Ian Clatworthy, #524162)
  • Fix stub sftp test server to call os.getcwdu(). (Vincent Ladeuil, #526221, #526353)
  • Fixed CHM generation by moving the NEWS section template into a separate file. (Ian Clatworthy, #524184)
  • Merge correctly when this_tree is not a WorkingTree. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Register SIGWINCH handler only when creating a TextUIFactory; avoids problems importing bzrlib from a non-main thread. (Elliot Murphy, #521989)
  • Repositories accessed via a smart server now reject being stacked on a repository in an incompatible format, as is the case when accessing them via other methods. This was causing fetches from those repositories via a smart server (e.g. using bzr branch) to receive invalid data. (Andrew Bennetts, #562380)
  • Standardize the error handling when creating a new StaticTuple (problems will raise TypeError). (Matt Nordhoff, #457979)
  • Warn if pyrex is too old to compile the new SimpleSet and StaticTuple extensions, rather than having the build fail randomly. (John Arbash Meinel, #449776)


  • Added a link to the Desktop Guide. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Added What’s New in Bazaar 2.1 document. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Drop Google Analytics from the core docs as they caused problems in the CHM files. (Ian Clatworthy, #502010)

API Changes

  • Added bzrlib.osutils.set_signal_handler, a convenience function that can set a signal handler and call signal.siginterrupt(signum, False) for it, if the platform and Python version supports it. (Andrew Bennetts, #496813)

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