bzr 2.1.0b1

Codename:While the cat is away

This is the first development release in the new split “stable” and “development” series. As such, the release is a snapshot of without creating a release candidate first. This release includes a fair amount of internal changes, with deprecated code being removed, and several new feature developments. People looking for a stable code base with only bugfixes should focus on the 2.0.1 release. All bugfixes present in 2.0.1 are present in 2.1.0b1.

Highlights include support for bzr+ssh://host/~/homedir style urls, finer control over the plugin search path via extended BZR_PLUGIN_PATH syntax, visible warnings when extension modules fail to load, and improved error handling during unlocking.

New Features

  • Bazaar can now send mail through Apple OS X (Brian de Alwis)

  • bzr+ssh and bzr paths can now be relative to home directories specified in the URL. Paths starting with a path segment of ~ are relative to the home directory of the user running the server, and paths starting with ~user are relative to the home directory of the named user. For example, for a user “bob” with a home directory of /home/bob, these URLs are all equivalent:

    • bzr+ssh://bob@host/~/repo
    • bzr+ssh://bob@host/~bob/repo
    • bzr+ssh://bob@host/home/bob/repo

    If bzr serve was invoked with a --directory argument, then no home directories outside that directory will be accessible via this method.

    This is a feature of bzr serve, so pre-2.1 clients will automatically benefit from this feature when bzr on the server is upgraded. (Andrew Bennetts, #109143)

  • Extensions can now be compiled if either Cython or Pyrex is available. Currently Pyrex is preferred, but that may change in the future. (Arkanes)

  • Give more control on BZR_PLUGIN_PATH by providing a way to refer to or disable the user, site and core plugin directories. (Vincent Ladeuil, #412930, #316192, #145612)

Bug Fixes

  • Bazaar’s native protocol code now correctly handles EINTR, which most noticeably occurs if you break in to the debugger while connected to a bzr+ssh server. You can now can continue from the debugger (by typing ‘c’) and the process continues. However, note that pressing C-in the shell may still kill the SSH process, which is bug 162509, so you must sent a signal to the bzr process specifically, for example by typing kill -QUIT PID in another shell. (Martin Pool, #341535)
  • bzr add in a tree that has files with \r or \n in the filename will issue a warning and skip over those files. (Robert Collins, #3918)
  • bzr dpush now aborts if uncommitted changes (including pending merges) are present in the working tree. The configuration option dpush_strict can be used to set the default for this behavior. (Vincent Ladeuil, #438158)
  • bzr merge and bzr remove-tree now requires –force if pending merges are present in the working tree. (Vincent Ladeuil, #426344)
  • Clearer message when Bazaar runs out of memory, instead of a MemoryError traceback. (Martin Pool, #109115)
  • Don’t give a warning on Windows when failing to import _readdir_pyx as it is never built. (John Arbash Meinel, #430645)
  • Don’t restrict the command name used to run the test suite. (Vincent Ladeuil, #419950)
  • ftp transports were built differently when the kerberos python module was present leading to obscure failures related to ASCII/BINARY modes. (Vincent Ladeuil, #443041)
  • Network streams now decode adjacent records of the same type into a single stream, reducing layering churn. (Robert Collins)
  • PreviewTree behaves correctly when get_file_mtime is invoked on an unmodified file. (Aaron Bentley, #251532)
  • Registry objects should not use iteritems() when asked to use items(). (Vincent Ladeuil, #430510)
  • Weave based repositories couldn’t be cloned when committers were using domains or user ids embedding ‘.sig’. Now they can. (Matthew Fuller, Vincent Ladeuil, #430868)


  • Revision specifiers can now be given in a more DWIM form, without needing explicit prefixes for specifiers like tags or revision id’s. See bzr help revisionspec for full details. (Matthew Fuller)
  • Bazaar gives a warning before exiting, and writes into .bzr.log, if compiled extensions can’t be loaded. This typically indicates a packaging or installation problem. In this case Bazaar will keep running using pure-Python versions, but this may be substantially slower. The warning can be disabled by setting ignore_missing_extensions = True in bazaar.conf. See also <>. (Martin Pool, #406113, #430529)
  • Secondary errors that occur during Branch.unlock and Repository.unlock no longer obscure the original error. These methods now use a new decorator, only_raises. This fixes many causes of TooManyConcurrentRequests and similar errors. (Andrew Bennetts, #429747)


  • Describe the new shell-like test feature. (Vincent Ladeuil)
  • Help on hooks no longer says ‘Not deprecated’ for hooks that are currently supported. (Ian Clatworthy, #422415)

API Changes

  • bzrlib.user_encoding has been removed; use bzrlib.osutils.get_user_encoding instead. (Martin Pool)
  • bzrlib.tests now uses stopTestRun for its TestResult subclasses - the same as python’s unittest module. (Robert Collins)
  • diff._get_trees_to_diff has been renamed to diff.get_trees_and_branches_to_diff. It is now a public API, and it returns the old and new branches. (Gary van der Merwe)
  • bzrlib.trace.log_error, error and info have been deprecated. (Martin Pool)
  • MutableTree.has_changes() does not require a tree parameter anymore. It now defaults to comparing to the basis tree. It now checks for pending merges too. Merger.check_basis has been deprecated and replaced by the corresponding has_changes() calls. Merge.compare_basis, Merger.file_revisions and Merger.ensure_revision_trees have also been deprecated. (Vincent Ladeuil, #440631)
  • ProgressTask.note is deprecated. (Martin Pool)


  • Added -Drelock debug flag. It will note a message every time a repository or branch object is unlocked then relocked the same way. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • BTreeLeafParser.extract_key has been tweaked slightly to reduce mallocs while parsing the index (approx 3=>1 mallocs per key read). This results in a 10% speedup while reading an index. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • The bzrlib.lsprof module has a new class BzrProfiler which makes profiling in some situations like callbacks and generators easier. (Robert Collins)


  • Passing --lsprof-tests -v to bzr selftest will cause lsprof output to be output for every test. Note that this is very verbose! (Robert Collins)
  • Setting BZR_TEST_PDB=1 when running selftest will cause a pdb post_mortem to be triggered when a test failure occurs. (Robert Collins)
  • Shell-like tests can now be written. Code in bzrlib/tests/ , documentation in developers/testing.txt for details. (Vincent Ladeuil)
  • Some tests could end up with the same id, that was dormant for a long time. (Vincent Ladeuil, #442980)
  • Stop showing the number of tests due to missing features in the test progress bar. (Martin Pool)
  • Test parameterisation now does a shallow copy, not a deep copy of the test to be parameterised. This is not expected to break external use of test parameterisation, and is substantially faster. (Robert Collins)
  • Tests that try to open a bzr dir on an arbitrary transport will now fail unless they have explicitly permitted the transport via self.permit_url. The standard test factories such as self.get_url will permit the urls they provide automatically, so only exceptional tests should need to do this. (Robert Collins)
  • The break-in test no longer cares about clean shutdown of the child, instead it is happy if the debugger starts up. (Robert Collins)
  • The full test suite is expected to pass when the C extensions are not present. (Vincent Ladeuil, #430749)

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