bzr 2.0.0

Codename:Instant Karma

This release of Bazaar makes the 2a (previously ‘brisbane-core’) format the default when new branches or repositories are created. This format is substantially smaller and faster for many operations. Most of the work in this release focuses on bug fixes and stabilization, covering both 2a and previous formats. (See the Upgrade Guide for information on migrating existing projects.)

This release also improves the documentation content and presentation, including adding Windows HtmlHelp manuals.

The Bazaar team decided that 2.0 will be a long-term supported release, with bugfix-only 2.0.x releases based on it, continuing for at least six months or until the following stable release.

Changes from 2.0.0rc2 to final

  • Officially branded as 2.0.0 rather than 2.0 to clarify between things that “want to happen on the 2.0.x stable series” versus things that want to “land in 2.0.0”. (Changes how bzrlib._format_version_tuple() handles micro = 0.) (John Arbash Meinel)

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