bzr 1.9


This release of Bazaar adds a new repository format, 1.9, with smaller and more efficient index files. This format can be specified when creating a new repository, or used to losslessly upgrade an existing repository. bzr 1.9 also speeds most operations over the smart server protocol, makes annotate faster, and uses less memory when making checkouts or pulling large amounts of data.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix “invalid property value ‘branch-nick’ for None” regression with branches bound to svn branches. (Martin Pool, #293440)
  • Fix SSL/https on Python2.6. (Vincent Ladeuil, #293054)
  • SFTPTransport.readv() had a bug when requests were out-of-order. This only triggers some-of-the-time on Knit format repositories. (John Arbash Meinel, #293746)

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