bzr 1.7rc2


A few bug fixes from 1.7rc1. The biggest change is a new RemoteBranch.get_stacked_on_url rpc. This allows clients that are trying to access a Stacked branch over the smart protocol, to properly connect to the stacked-on location.

Bug Fixes

  • Branching from a shared repository on a smart server into a new repository now preserves the repository format. (Andrew Bennetts, #269214)
  • Branching from a stacked branch via bzr+ssh can properly connect to the stacked-on branch. (Martin Pool, #261315)
  • bzr init no longer re-opens the BzrDir multiple times. (Vincent Ladeuil)
  • Fix ‘_in_buffer’ AttributeError when using the -Dhpss debug flag. (Andrew Bennetts)

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