bzr 1.6rc3



  • Disable reading .bzrrules as a per-branch rule preferences file. The feature was not quite ready for a full release. (Robert Collins)


  • Update the windows installer to bundle TortoiseBzr and qbzr into the standalone installer. This will be the first official windows release that installs Tortoise by default. (Mark Hammond)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a regression in bzr+http support. There was a missing function (_read_line) that needed to be carried over from bzr+ssh support. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • GraphIndex objects will internally read an entire index if more than 1/20th of their keyspace is requested in a single operation. This largely mitigates a performance regression in bzr log FILE and completely corrects the performance regression in bzr log. The regression was caused by removing an accomodation which had been supporting the index format in use. A newer index format is in development which is substantially faster. (Robert Collins)

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