bzr 1.6rc1


This release candidate for bzr 1.6 solidifies the new branch stacking feature. Bazaar now recommends that users upgrade all knit repositories, because later formats are much faster. However, we plan to continue read/write and upgrade support for knit repostories for the forseeable future. Several other bugs and performance issues were fixed.


  • Knit format repositories are deprecated and bzr will now emit warnings whenever it encounters one. Use bzr upgrade to upgrade knit repositories to pack format. (Andrew Bennetts)


  • bzr check can now be told which elements at a location it should check. (Daniel Watkins)
  • Commit now supports --exclude (or -x) to exclude some files from the commit. (Robert Collins, #3117)
  • Fetching data between repositories that have the same model but no optimised fetcher will not reserialise all the revisions, increasing performance. (Robert Collins, John Arbash Meinel)
  • Give a more specific error when target branch is not reachable. (James Westby)
  • Implemented a custom walkdirs_utf8 implementation for win32. This uses a pyrex extension to get direct access to the FindFirstFileW style apis, rather than using listdir + lstat. Shows a very strong improvement in commands like status and diff which have to iterate the working tree. Anywhere from 2x-6x faster depending on the size of the tree (bigger trees, bigger benefit.) (John Arbash Meinel)
  • New registry for log properties handles and the method in LongLogFormatter to display the custom properties returned by the registered handlers. (Guillermo Gonzalez, #162469)

Bug Fixes

  • Add more tests that stacking does not create deltas spanning physical repository boundaries. (Martin Pool, #252428)
  • Better message about incompatible repositories. (Martin Pool, #206258)
  • bzr branch --stacked ensures the destination branch format can support stacking, even if the origin does not. (Martin Pool)
  • bzr export no longer exports .bzrrules. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • bzr serve --directory=/ now correctly allows the whole filesystem to be accessed on Windows, not just the root of the drive that Python is running from. (Adrian Wilkins, #240910)
  • Deleting directories by hand before running bzr rm will not cause subsequent errors in bzr st and bzr commit. (Robert Collins, #150438)
  • Fix a test case that was failing if encoding wasn’t UTF-8. (John Arbash Meinel, #247585)
  • Fix “no buffer space available” error when branching with the new smart server protocol to or from Windows. (Andrew Bennetts, #246180)
  • Fixed problem in branching from smart server. (#249256, Michael Hudson, Martin Pool)
  • Handle a file turning in to a directory in TreeTransform. (James Westby, #248448)

API Changes

  • MutableTree.commit has an extra optional keywork parameter exclude that will be unconditionally supplied by the command line UI - plugins that add tree formats may need an update. (Robert Collins)
  • The API minimum version for plugin compatibility has been raised to 1.6 - there are significant changes throughout the code base. (Robert Collins)
  • The generic fetch code now uses three attributes on Repository objects to control fetch. The streams requested are controlled via : _fetch_order and _fetch_uses_deltas. Setting these appropriately allows different repository implementations to recieve data in their optimial form. If the _fetch_reconcile is set then a reconcile operation is triggered at the end of the fetch. (Robert Collins)
  • The put_on_disk and get_tar_item methods in InventoryEntry were deprecated. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Repository.is_shared doesn’t take a read lock. It didn’t need one in the first place (nobody cached the value, and RemoteRepository wasn’t taking one either). This saves a round trip when probing Pack repositories, as they read the pack-names file when locked. And during probe, locking the repo isn’t very useful. (John Arbash Meinel)


  • bzrlib.branchbuilder.BranchBuilder is now much more capable of putting together a real history without having to create a full WorkingTree. It is recommended that tests that are not directly testing the WorkingTree use BranchBuilder instead. See BranchBuilder.build_snapshot or TestCaseWithMemoryTree.make_branch_builder. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • bzrlib.builtins.internal_tree_files broken into two giving a new helper safe_relpath_files - used by the new exclude parameter to commit. (Robert Collins)
  • Make it easier to introduce new WorkingTree formats. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • The code for exporting trees was refactored not to use the deprecated InventoryEntry methods. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • RuleSearchers return () instead of [] now when there are no matches. (Ian Clatworthy)

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