bzr 1.6beta3


This release adds a new ‘stacked branches’ feature allowing branches to share storage without being in the same repository or on the same machine. (See the user guide for more details.) It also adds a new hook, improved weaves, aliases for related locations, faster bzr+ssh push, and several bug fixes.


  • New pre_change_branch_tip hook that is called before the branch tip is moved, while the branch is write-locked. See the User Reference for signature details. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • Rule-based preferences can now be defined for selected files in selected branches, allowing commands and plugins to provide custom behaviour for files matching defined patterns. See Rule-based preferences (part of Configuring Bazaar) in the User Guide and bzr help rules for more information. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Sites may suggest a branch to stack new branches on. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Stacked branches are now supported. See bzr help branch and bzr help push. Branches must be in the development1 format to stack, though the stacked-on branch can be of any format. (Robert Collins)


  • bzr export --format=tgz --root=NAME - to export a gzipped tarball to stdout; also tar and tbz2. (Martin Pool)
  • bzr (re)merge --weave will now use a standard Weave algorithm, rather than the annotation-based merge it was using. It does so by building up a Weave of the important texts, without needing to build the full ancestry. (John Arbash Meinel, #238895)
  • bzr send documents and better supports emacsclient (proper escaping of mail headers and handling of the MUA Mew). (Christophe Troestler)
  • Remembered locations can be specified by aliases, e.g. :parent, :public, :submit. (Aaron Bentley)
  • The smart protocol now has improved support for setting branches’ revision info directly. This makes operations like push faster. The new request method name is Branch.set_last_revision_ex. (Andrew Bennetts)

Bug Fixes

  • Bazaar is now able to be a client to the web server of IIS 6 and 7. The broken implementations of RFC822 in Python and RFC2046 in IIS combined with boundary-line checking in Bazaar previously made this impossible. (NB, IIS 5 does not suffer from this problem). (Adrian Wilkins, #247585)
  • bzr log --long with a ghost in your mainline now handles that ghost properly. (John Arbash Meinel, #243536)
  • check handles the split-up .bzr layout correctly, so no longer requires a branch to be present. (Daniel Watkins, #64783)
  • Clearer message about how to set the PYTHONPATH if bzrlib can’t be loaded. (Martin Pool, #205230)
  • Errors about missing libraries are now shown without a traceback, and with a suggestion to install the library. The full traceback is still in .bzr.log and can be shown with -Derror. (Martin Pool, #240161)
  • Fetch from a stacked branch copies all required data. (Aaron Bentley, #248506)
  • Handle urls such as where the user name contains an @. (Neil Martinsen-Burrell, #228058)
  • needs_read_lock and needs_write_lock now suppress an error during unlock if there was an error in the original function. This helps most when there is a failure with a smart server action, since often the connection closes and we cannot unlock. (Andrew Bennetts, John Arbash Meinel, #125784)
  • Obsolete hidden command bzr fetch removed. (Martin Pool, #172870)
  • Raise the correct exception when doing -rbefore:0 or -c0. (John Arbash Meinel, #239933)
  • You can now compare file revisions in Windows diff programs from Cygwin Bazaar. (Matt McClure, #209281)
  • revision_history now tolerates mainline ghosts for Branch format 6. (Aaron Bentley, #235055)
  • Set locale from environment for third party libs. (Martin von Gagern, #128496)


  • Added Using stacked branches to the User Guide. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Updated developer documentation. (Martin Pool)


  • -Dmemory will cause /proc/PID/status to be catted before bzr exits, allowing low-key analysis of peak memory use. (Robert Collins)
  • TestCaseWithTransport.make_branch_and_tree tries harder to return a tree with a branch attribute of the right format. This was preventing some RemoteBranch tests from actually running with RemoteBranch instances. (Andrew Bennetts)

API Changes

  • Removed Repository.text_store, control_store, etc. Instead, there are new attributes texts, inventories, revisions, signatures, each of which is a VersionedFiles. See the Repository docstring for more details. (Robert Collins)
  • Branch.pull now accepts an _override_hook_target optional parameter. If you have a subclass of Branch that overrides pull then you should add this parameter. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • bzrlib.check.check() has been deprecated in favour of the more aptly-named bzrlib.check.check_branch(). (Daniel Watkins)
  • Tree.print_file and Repository.print_file are deprecated. These methods are bad APIs because they write directly to sys.stdout. bzrlib does not use them internally, and there are no direct tests for them. (Alexander Belchenko)


  • cat command no longer uses Tree.print_file() internally. (Alexander Belchenko)
  • New class method BzrDir.open_containing_tree_branch_or_repository which eases the discovery of the tree, the branch and the repository containing a given location. (Daniel Watkins)
  • New versionedfile.KeyMapper interface to abstract out the access to underlying .knit/.kndx etc files in repositories with partitioned storage. (Robert Collins)
  • Obsolete developer-use command weave-join has been removed. (Robert Collins)
  • RemoteToOtherFetcher and get_data_stream_for_search removed, to support new VersionedFiles layering. (Robert Collins)

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