bzr 1.6beta1


Commands that work on the revision history such as push, pull, missing, uncommit and log are now substantially faster. This release adds a translation of some of the user documentation into Spanish. (Contributions of other translations would be very welcome.) Bazaar 1.6beta1 adds a new network protocol which is used by default and which allows for more efficient transfers and future extensions.

Notes When Upgrading

  • There is a new version of the network protocol used for bzr://, bzr+ssh:// and bzr+http:// connections. This will allow more efficient requests and responses, and more graceful fallback when a server is too old to recognise a request from a more recent client. Bazaar 1.6 will interoperate with 0.16 and later versions, but servers should be upgraded when possible. Bazaar 1.6 no longer interoperates with 0.15 and earlier via these protocols. Use alternatives like SFTP or upgrade those servers. (Andrew Bennetts, #83935)


  • Deprecation warnings will not be suppressed when running bzr selftest so that developers can see if their code is using deprecated functions. (John Arbash Meinel)


  • Adding -Derror will now display a traceback when a plugin fails to load. (James Westby)


  • bzr branch/push/pull -r XXX now have a helper function for finding the revno of the new revision (Graph.find_distance_to_null). This should make something like bzr branch -r -100 in a shared, no-trees repository much snappier. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • bzr log --short -r X..Y no longer needs to access the full revision history. This makes it noticeably faster when logging the last few revisions. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • bzr ls now accepts -V as an alias for --versioned. (Jerad Cramp, #165086)
  • bzr missing uses the new Graph.find_unique_ancestors and Graph.find_differences to determine missing revisions without having to search the whole ancestry. (John Arbash Meinel, #174625)
  • bzr uncommit now uses partial history access, rather than always extracting the full revision history for a branch. This makes it resolve the appropriate revisions much faster (in testing it drops uncommit from 1.5s => 0.4s). It also means bzr log --short is one step closer to not using full revision history. (John Arbash Meinel, #172649)


  • bzr merge --lca should handle when two revisions have no common ancestor other than NULL_REVISION. (John Arbash Meinel, #235715)
  • bzr status was breaking if you merged the same revision twice. (John Arbash Meinel, #235407)
  • bzr push with both --overwrite and -r NNN options no longer fails. (Andrew Bennetts, #234229)
  • Correctly track the base URL of a smart medium when using bzr+http:// URLs, which was causing spurious “No repository present” errors with branches in shared repositories accessed over bzr+http. (Andrew Bennetts, #230550)
  • Define _remote_is_at_least_1_2 on SmartClientMedium so that all implementations have the attribute. Fixes ‘PyCurlTransport’ object has no attribute ‘_remote_is_at_least_1_2’ attribute errors. (Andrew Bennetts, #220806)
  • Failure to delete an obsolete pack file should just give a warning message, not a fatal error. It may for example fail if the file is still in use by another process. (Martin Pool)
  • Fix MemoryError during large fetches over HTTP by limiting the amount of data we try to read per recv call. The problem was observed with Windows and a proxy, but might affect other environments as well. (Eric Holmberg, #215426)
  • Handle old merge directives correctly in Merger.from_mergeable. Stricter get_parent_map requirements exposed a latent bug here. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Issue a warning and ignore passwords declared in authentication.conf when used for an ssh scheme (sftp or bzr+ssh). (Vincent Ladeuil, #203186)
  • Make both http implementations raise appropriate exceptions on 403 Forbidden when POSTing smart requests. (Vincent Ladeuil, #230223)
  • Properly title header names in http requests instead of capitalizing them. (Vincent Ladeuil, #229076)
  • The “Unable to obtain lock” error message now also suggests using bzr break-lock to fix it. (Martin Albisetti, #139202)
  • Treat an encoding of ‘’ as ascii; this can happen when bzr is run under vim on Mac OS X. (Neil Martinsen-Burrell)
  • VersionedFile.make_mpdiffs() was raising an exception that wasn’t in scope. (Daniel Fischer #235687)


  • Added directory structure and started translation of docs in spanish. (Martin Albisetti, Lucio Albenga)
  • Incorporate feedback from Jelmer Vernooij and Neil Martinsen-Burrell on the plugin and integration chapters of the User Guide. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • More Bazaar developer documentation about packaging and release process, and about use of Python reprs. (Martin Pool, Martin Albisetti)
  • Updated Tortise strategy document. (Mark Hammond)


  • bzrlib.tests.adapt_tests was broken and unused - it has been fixed. (Robert Collins)
  • Fix the test HTTPServer to be isolated from chdir calls made while it is running, allowing it to be used in blackbox tests. (Robert Collins)
  • New helper function for splitting test suites split_suite_by_condition. (Robert Collins)


  • Branch.missing_revisions has been deprecated. Similar functionality can be obtained using bzrlib.missing.find_unmerged. The api was fairly broken, and the function was unused, so we are getting rid of it. (John Arbash Meinel)

API Changes

  • Branch.abspath is deprecated; use the Tree or Transport instead. (Martin Pool)
  • Branch.update_revisions now takes an optional Graph object. This can be used by update_revisions when it is checking ancestry, and allows callers to prefer request to go to a local branch. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • Branch, Repository, Tree and BzrDir should expose a Transport as an attribute if they have one, rather than having it indirectly accessible as .control_files._transport. This doesn’t add a requirement to support a Transport in cases where it was not needed before; it just simplifies the way it is reached. (Martin Pool)
  • bzr missing --mine-only will return status code 0 if you have no new revisions, but the remote does. Similarly for --theirs-only. The new code only checks one side, so it doesn’t know if the other side has changes. This seems more accurate with the request anyway. It also changes the output to print ‘[This|Other] branch is up to date.’ rather than displaying nothing. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • LockableFiles.put_utf8, put_bytes and controlfilename are now deprecated in favor of using Transport operations. (Martin Pool)
  • Many methods on VersionedFile, Repository and in bzrlib.revision deprecated before bzrlib 1.5 have been removed. (Robert Collins)
  • RevisionSpec.wants_revision_history can be set to False for a given RevisionSpec. This will disable the existing behavior of passing in the full revision history to self._match_on. Useful for specs that don’t actually need access to the full history. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • The constructors of SmartClientMedium and its subclasses now require a base parameter. SmartClientMedium implementations now also need to provide a remote_path_from_transport method. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • The default permissions for creating new files and directories should now be obtained from BzrDir._get_file_mode() and _get_dir_mode(), rather than from LockableFiles. The _set_file_mode and _set_dir_mode variables on LockableFiles which were advertised as a way for plugins to control this are no longer consulted. (Martin Pool)
  • VersionedFile.join is deprecated. This method required local instances of both versioned file objects and was thus hostile to being used for streaming from a smart server. The new get_record_stream and insert_record_stream are meant to efficiently replace this method. (Robert Collins)
  • WorkingTree.set_parent_(ids/trees) will now filter out revisions which are in the ancestry of other revisions. So if you merge the same tree twice, or merge an ancestor of an existing merge, it will only record the newest. (If you merge a descendent, it will replace its ancestor). (John Arbash Meinel, #235407)
  • WorkingTreeFormat2.stub_initialize_remote is now private. (Martin Pool)

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