bzr 1.6.1rc1


This release fixes a few regressions found in the 1.6 client. Fetching changes was using an O(N^2) buffering algorithm, so for large projects it would cause memory thrashing. There is also a specific problem with the --1.6-rich-root format, which prevented stacking on top of --rich-root-pack repositories, and could allow users to accidentally fetch experimental data (-subtree) without representing it properly. The --1.6-rich-root format has been deprecated and users are recommended to upgrade to --1.6.1-rich-root immediately. Also we re-introduced a workaround for users who have repositories with incorrect nodes (not possible if you only used official releases). I should also clarify that none of this is data loss level issues, but still sufficient enough to warrant an updated release.

Bug Fixes

  • RemoteTransport.readv() was being inefficient about how it buffered the readv data and processed it. It would keep appending to the same string (causing many copies) and then pop bytes out of the start of the string (causing more copies). With this patch “bzr+ssh://local” can improve dramatically, especially for projects with large files. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • Revision texts were always meant to be stored as fulltexts. There was a bug in a version that would accidentally create deltas when copying from a Pack repo to a Knit repo. This has been fixed, but to support those repositories, we know always request full texts for Revision texts. (John Arbash Meinel, #261339)
  • The previous --1.6-rich-root format used an incorrect xml serializer, which would accidentally support fetching from a repository that supported subtrees, even though the local one would not. We deprecated that format, and introduced a new one that uses the correct serializer --1.6.1-rich-root. (John Arbash Meinel, #262333)

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