bzr 1.4rc1



  • bzr main script cannot be imported (Benjamin Peterson)
  • On Linux bzr additionally looks for plugins in arch-independent site directory. (Toshio Kuratomi)
  • The set_rh branch hook is now deprecated. Please migrate any plugins using this hook to use an alternative, e.g. post_change_branch_tip. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • When a plugin cannot be loaded as the file path is not a valid python module name bzr will now strip a bzr_ prefix from the front of the suggested name, as many plugins (e.g. bzr-svn) want to be installed without this prefix. It is a common mistake to have a folder named “bzr-svn” for that plugin, especially as this is what bzr branch lp:bzr-svn will give you. (James Westby, Andrew Cowie)
  • UniqueIntegerBugTracker now appends bug-ids instead of joining them to the base URL. Plugins that register bug trackers may need a trailing / added to the base URL if one is not already there. (James Wesby, Andrew Cowie)


  • Added start_commit hook for mutable trees. (Jelmer Vernooij, #186422)
  • status now accepts --no-pending to show the status without listing pending merges, which speeds up the command a lot on large histories. (James Westby, #202830)
  • New post_change_branch_tip hook that is called after the branch tip is moved but while the branch is still write-locked. See the User Reference for signature details. (Ian Clatworthy, James Henstridge)
  • Reconfigure can convert a branch to be standalone or to use a shared repository. (Aaron Bentley)


  • The smart protocol now has support for setting branches’ revision info directly. This should make operations like push slightly faster, and is a step towards server-side hooks. The new request method name is Branch.set_last_revision_info. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • bzr commit --fixes now recognises “gnome” as a tag by default. (James Westby, Andrew Cowie)
  • bzr switch will attempt to find branches to switch to relative to the current branch. E.g. bzr switch branchname will look for current_branch/../branchname. (Robert Collins, Jelmer Vernooij, Wouter van Heyst)
  • Diff is now more specific about execute-bit changes it describes (Chad Miller)
  • Fetching data over HTTP is a bit faster when urllib is used. This is done by forcing it to recv 64k at a time when reading lines in HTTP headers, rather than just 1 byte at a time. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • Log –short and –line are much faster when -r is not specified. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Merge is faster. We no longer check a file’s existence unnecessarily when merging the execute bit. (Aaron Bentley)
  • bzr status on an explicit list of files no longer shows pending merges, making it much faster on large trees. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • The launchpad directory service now warns the user if they have not set their launchpad login and are trying to resolve a URL using it, just in case they want to do a write operation with it. (James Westby)
  • The smart protocol client is slightly faster, because it now only queries the server for the protocol version once per connection. Also, the HTTP transport will now automatically probe for and use a smart server if one is present. You can use the new nosmart+ transport decorator to get the old behaviour. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • The version command takes a --short option to print just the version number, for easier use in scripts. (Martin Pool)
  • Various operations with revision specs and commands that calculate revnos and revision ids are faster. (John A. Meinel, Aaron Bentley)


  • Add root_client_path parameter to SmartWSGIApp and SmartServerRequest. This makes it possible to publish filesystem locations that don’t exactly match URL paths. SmartServerRequest subclasses should use the new translate_client_path and transport_from_client_path methods when dealing with paths received from a client to take this into account. (Andrew Bennetts, #124089)
  • bzr mv a b can be now used also to rename previously renamed directories, not only files. (Lukáš Lalinský, #107967)
  • bzr uncommit --local can now remove revisions from the local branch to be symmetric with bzr commit --local. (John Arbash Meinel, #93412)
  • Don’t ask for a password if there is no real terminal. (Alexander Belchenko, #69851)
  • Fix a bug causing a ValueError crash in parse_line_delta_iter when fetching revisions from a knit to pack repository or vice versa using bzr:// (including over http or ssh). (#208418, Andrew Bennetts, Martin Pool, Robert Collins)
  • Fixed _get_line in, which was buggy. Also fixed _get_bytes in the same module to use the push back buffer. These bugs had no known impact in normal use, but were problematic for developers working on the code, and were likely to cause real bugs sooner or later. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • Implement handling of basename parameter for DefaultMail. (James Westby)
  • Incompatibility with Paramiko versions newer than 1.7.2 was fixed. (Andrew Bennetts, #213425)
  • Launchpad locations (lp: URLs) can be pulled. (Aaron Bentley, #181945)
  • Merges that add files to deleted root directories complete. They do create conflicts. (Aaron Bentley, #210092)
  • vsftp’s return 550 RNFR command failed. supported. (Marcus Trautwig, #129786)


  • Improved documentation on send/merge relationship. (Peter Schuller)
  • Minor fixes to the User Guide. (Matthew Fuller)
  • Reduced the evangelism in the User Guide. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Added Integrating with Bazaar document for developers (Martin Albisetti)

API Breaks

  • Attempting to pull data from a ghost aware repository (e.g. knits) into a non-ghost aware repository such as weaves will now fail if there are ghosts. (Robert Collins)
  • KnitVersionedFile no longer accepts an access_mode parameter, and now requires the index and access_method parameters to be supplied. A compatible shim has been kept in the new function knit.make_file_knit. (Robert Collins)
  • Log formatters must now provide log_revision instead of show and show_merge_revno methods. The latter had been deprecated since the 0.17 release. (James Westby)
  • LoopbackSFTP is now called SocketAsChannelAdapter. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • osutils.backup_file is removed. (Alexander Belchenko)
  • Repository.get_revision_graph is deprecated, with no replacement method. The method was size(history) and not desirable. (Robert Collins)
  • revision.revision_graph is deprecated, with no replacement function. The function was size(history) and not desirable. (Robert Collins)
  • Transport.get_shared_medium is deprecated. Use Transport.get_smart_medium instead. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • VersionedFile factories now accept a get_scope parameter rather than using a call to transaction_finished, allowing the removal of the fixed list of versioned files per repository. (Robert Collins)
  • VersionedFile.annotate_iter is deprecated. While in principle this allowed lower memory use, all users of annotations wanted full file annotations, and there is no storage format suitable for incremental line-by-line annotation. (Robert Collins)
  • VersionedFile.clone_text is deprecated. This performance optimisation is no longer used - reading the content of a file that is undergoing a file level merge to identical state on two branches is rare enough, and not expensive enough to special case. (Robert Collins)
  • VersionedFile.clear_cache and enable_cache are deprecated. These methods added significant complexity to the VersionedFile implementation, but were only used for optimising fetches from knits - which can be done from outside the knit layer, or via a caching decorator. As knits are not the default format, the complexity is no longer worth paying. (Robert Collins)
  • VersionedFile.create_empty is removed. This method presupposed a sensible mapping to a transport for individual files, but pack backed versioned files have no such mapping. (Robert Collins)
  • VersionedFile.get_graph is deprecated, with no replacement method. The method was size(history) and not desirable. (Robert Collins)
  • VersionedFile.get_graph_with_ghosts is deprecated, with no replacement method. The method was size(history) and not desirable. (Robert Collins)
  • VersionedFile.get_parents is deprecated, please use VersionedFile.get_parent_map. (Robert Collins)
  • VersionedFile.get_sha1 is deprecated, please use VersionedFile.get_sha1s. (Robert Collins)
  • VersionedFile.has_ghost is now deprecated, as it is both expensive and unused outside of a single test. (Robert Collins)
  • VersionedFile.iter_parents is now deprecated in favour of get_parent_map which can be used to instantiate a Graph on a VersionedFile. (Robert Collins)
  • VersionedFileStore no longer uses the transaction parameter given to most methods; amongst other things this means that the get_weave_or_empty method no longer guarantees errors on a missing weave in a readonly transaction, and no longer caches versioned file instances which reduces memory pressure (but requires more careful management by callers to preserve performance). (Robert Collins)


  • New -Dselftest_debug flag disables clearing of the debug flags during tests. This is useful if you want to use e.g. -Dhpss to help debug a failing test. Be aware that using this feature is likely to cause spurious test failures if used with the full suite. (Andrew Bennetts)

  • selftest –load-list now uses a new more agressive test loader that will avoid loading unneeded modules and building their tests. Plugins can use this new loader by defining a load_tests function instead of a test_suite function. (a forthcoming patch will provide many examples on how to implement this). (Vincent Ladeuil)

  • selftest –load-list now does some sanity checks regarding duplicate test IDs and tests present in the list but not found in the actual test suite. (Vincent Ladeuil)

  • Slightly more concise format for the selftest progress bar, so there’s more space to show the test name. (Martin Pool)

    [2500/10884, 1fail, 3miss in 1m29s] test_revisionnamespaces.TestRev
  • The test suite takes much less memory to run, and is a bit faster. This is done by clearing most attributes of TestCases after running them, if they succeeded. (Andrew Bennetts)


  • Added _build_client_protocol to _SmartClient. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • Added basic infrastructure for automatic plugin suggestion. (Martin Albisetti)
  • If a LockableFiles object is not explicitly unlocked (for example because of a missing try/finally block, it will give a warning but not automatically unlock itself. (Previously they did.) This sometimes caused knock-on errors if for example the network connection had already failed, and should not be relied upon by code. (Martin Pool, #109520)
  • make dist target to build a release tarball, and also check-dist-tarball and dist-upload-escudero. (Martin Pool)
  • The read_response_tuple method of SmartClientRequestProtocol* classes will now raise UnknownSmartMethod when appropriate, so that callers don’t need to try distinguish unknown request errors from other errors. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • set_make_working_trees is now implemented provided on all repository implementations (Aaron Bentley)
  • VersionedFile now has a new method get_parent_map which, like Graph.get_parent_map returns a dict of key:parents. (Robert Collins)

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