bzr 1.2rc1


Notes When Upgrading

  • Fetching via the smart protocol may need to reconnect once during a fetch if the remote server is running Bazaar 1.1 or earlier, because the client attempts to use more efficient requests that confuse older servers. You may be required to re-enter a password or passphrase when this happens. This won’t happen if the server is upgraded to Bazaar 1.2. (Andrew Bennetts)


  • Fetching via bzr+ssh will no longer fill ghosts by default (this is consistent with pack-0.92 fetching over SFTP). (Robert Collins)
  • Formatting of bzr plugins output is changed to be more human- friendly. Full path of plugins locations will be shown only with --verbose command-line option. (Alexander Belchenko)
  • merge now prefers to use the submit branch, but will fall back to parent branch. For many users, this has no effect. But some users who pull and merge on the same branch will notice a change. This change makes it easier to work on a branch on two different machines, pulling between the machines, while merging from the upstream. merge --remember can now be used to set the submit_branch. (Aaron Bentley)


  • merge --preview produces a diff of the changes merge would make, but does not actually perform the merge. (Aaron Bentley)
  • New smart method Repository.get_parent_map for getting revision parent data. This returns additional parent information topologically adjacent to the requested data to reduce round trip latency impacts. (Robert Collins)
  • New smart method, Repository.stream_revisions_chunked, for fetching revision data that streams revision data via a chunked encoding. This avoids buffering large amounts of revision data on the server and on the client, and sends less data to the server to request the revisions. (Andrew Bennetts, Robert Collins, #178353)
  • The launchpad plugin now handles lp urls of the form lp://staging/, lp://demo/, lp://dev/ to use the appropriate launchpad instance to do the resolution of the branch identities. This is primarily of use to Launchpad developers, but can also be used by other users who want to try out Launchpad as a branch location without messing up their public Launchpad account. Branches that are pushed to the staging environment have an expected lifetime of one day. (Tim Penhey)


  • Creating a new branch no longer tries to read the entire revision-history unnecessarily over smart server operations. (Robert Collins)
  • Fetching between different repository formats with compatible models now takes advantage of the smart method to stream revisions. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • The --coverage option is now global, rather specific to bzr selftest. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • The register-branch command will now use the public url of the branch containing the current directory, if one has been set and no explicit branch is provided. (Robert Collins)
  • Tweak the reannotate code path to optimize the 2-parent case. Speeds up bzr annotate with a pack repository by approx 3:2. (John Arbash Meinel)


  • Calculate remote path relative to the shared medium in _SmartClient. This is related to the problem in bug #124089. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • Cleanly handle connection errors in smart protocol version two, the same way as they are handled by version one. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • Clearer error when version-info --custom is used without --template (Lukáš Lalinský)
  • Don’t raise UnavailableFeature during test setup when medusa is not available or tearDown is never called leading to nasty side effects. (#137823, Vincent Ladeuil)
  • If a plugin’s test suite cannot be loaded, for example because of a syntax error in the tests, then selftest fails, rather than just printing a warning. (Martin Pool, #189771)
  • List possible values for BZR_SSH environment variable in env-variables help topic. (Alexander Belchenko, #181842)
  • New methods push_log_file and pop_log_file to intercept messages: popping the log redirection now precisely restores the previous state, which makes it easier to use bzr log output from other programs. TestCaseInTempDir no longer depends on a log redirection being established by the test framework, which lets bzr tests cleanly run from a normal unittest runner. (#124153, #124849, Martin Pool, Jonathan Lange)
  • pull --quiet is now more quiet, in particular a message is no longer printed when the remembered pull location is used. (James Westby, #185907)
  • reconfigure can safely be interrupted while fetching. (Aaron Bentley, #179316)
  • reconfigure preserves tags when converting to and from lightweight checkouts. (Aaron Bentley, #182040)
  • Stop polluting /tmp when running selftest. (Vincent Ladeuil, #123363)
  • Switch from NFKC => NFC for normalization checks. NFC allows a few more characters which should be considered valid. (John Arbash Meinel, #185458)
  • The launchpad plugin now uses the edge xmlrpc server to avoid interacting badly with a bug on the launchpad side. (Robert Collins)
  • Unknown hostnames when connecting to a bzr:// URL no longer cause tracebacks. (Andrew Bennetts, #182849)

API Breaks

  • Classes implementing Merge types like Merge3Merger must now accept (and honour) a do_merge flag in their constructor. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Repository.add_inventory and add_revision now require the caller to previously take a write lock (and start a write group.) (Martin Pool)


  • selftest now accepts –load-list <file> to load a test id list. This speeds up running the test suite on a limited set of tests. (Vincent Ladeuil)


  • Add a new method get_result to graph search objects. The resulting SearchResult can be used to recreate the search later, which will be useful in reducing network traffic. (Robert Collins)
  • Use convenience function to check whether two repository handles are referring to the same repository in Repository.get_graph. (Jelmer Vernooij, #187162)
  • Fetching now passes the find_ghosts flag through to the InterRepository.missing_revision_ids call consistently for all repository types. This will enable faster missing revision discovery with bzr+ssh. (Robert Collins)
  • Fix error handling in Repository.insert_data_stream. (Lukas Lalinsky)
  • InterRepository.missing_revision_ids is now deprecated in favour of InterRepository.search_missing_revision_ids which returns a bzrlib.graph.SearchResult suitable for making requests from the smart server. (Robert Collins)
  • New error NoPublicBranch for commands that need a public branch to operate. (Robert Collins)
  • New method iter_inventories on Repository for access to many inventories. This is primarily used by the revision_trees method, as direct access to inventories is discouraged. (Robert Collins)
  • New method next_with_ghosts on the Graph breadth-first-search objects which will split out ghosts and present parents into two separate sets, useful for code which needs to be aware of ghosts (e.g. fetching data cares about ghosts during revision selection). (Robert Collins)
  • Record a timestamp against each mutter to the trace file, relative to the first import of bzrlib. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • Repository.get_data_stream is now deprecated in favour of Repository.get_data_stream_for_search which allows less network traffic when requesting data streams over a smart server. (Robert Collins)
  • RemoteBzrDir._get_tree_branch no longer triggers _ensure_real, removing one round trip on many network operations. (Robert Collins)
  • RemoteTransport’s recommended_page_size method now returns 64k, like SFTPTransport and HttpTransportBase. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • Repository has a new method has_revisions which signals the presence of many revisions by returning a set of the revisions listed which are present. This can be done by index queries without reading data for parent revision names etc. (Robert Collins)

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