bzr 1.18rc1

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This release of Bazaar marches on towards the 2.0 release in which the 2a ‘brisbane-core’ format becomes generally recommended. Most of the work in this release now focusses on bug fixes and stabilization, covering both 2a and previous formats. There is a new text-mode interactive merge feature, a new guide to migration to 2a format in the user documentation, and pushing branches to a smart server is now much faster.

The Bazaar team decided that 2.0 will be a long-term supported release, with bugfix-only releases based on it continuing for at least six months or until the following stable release.

There are no changes from 1.18rc1 to 1.18.

New Features

  • bzr merge --interactive applies a user-selected portion of the merge. The UI is similar to shelve. (Aaron Bentley)
  • bzr reconfigure now takes options --stacked-on URL and --unstacked to change stacking of a branch. (Martin Pool, #391411)

Bug Fixes

  • Annotating on a stacked branch will now succeed in simple scenarios. There are still some complex scenarios where it will fail (bug #399884) (John Arbash Meinel, #393366)
  • A progress bar is no longer left dangling when bzr selftest completes, and the progress bar updates with zero latency so the displayed test name is always the one that’s actually running. (Martin Pool, #123688)
  • Authenticating against an ssh server now uses auth_none to determine if password authentication is even supported. This fixes a bug where users would be prompted for a launchpad password, even though launchpad only supports publickey authentication. (John Arbash Meinel, #375867)
  • BranchBuilder now accepts timezone to avoid test failures in countries far from GMT. (Vincent Ladeuil, #397716)
  • bzr commit no longer saves the unversioning of missing files until the commit has completed on the branch. This means that aborting a commit that found a missing file will leave the tree unedited. (Robert Collins, #282402)
  • bzr mv no longer takes out branch locks, which allows it to work when the branch is readonly. (Robert Collins, #216541)
  • bzr revert . no longer generates an InconsistentDelta error when there are missing subtrees. (Robert Collins, #367632)
  • bzr send now generates valid bundles with --2a formats. However, do to internal changes necessary to support this, older clients will fail when trying to insert them. For newer clients, the bundle can be used to apply the changes to any rich-root compatible format. (John Arbash Meinel, #393349)
  • Cope with FTP servers that don’t support restart/append by falling back to reading and then rewriting the whole file, such as TahoeLAFS. (This fallback may be slow for some access patterns.) (Nils Durner, #294709)
  • Encode the paths in mbcs encoding on Windows when spawning an external diff client. This at least allows supporting filenames that are not ascii, but are present in the current locale. Ideally we would be able to pass the Unicode path, but that would be client dependent. (John Arbash Meinel, #382709)
  • Fix a compile bug on Solaris having to do with const and pointer-to-pointers. (John Arbash Meinel, #408441)
  • Fixed a NameError that occurs when merging or pulling from a URL that causes a redirection loop when bzr tries to read a URL as a bundle. (Andrew Bennetts, #400847)
  • Fix AttributeError: 'TestUIFactory' object has no attribute 'tick' running send and similar commands on 2a formats. (Martin Pool, #408201)
  • Fix crash in some invocations of bzr status in format 2a. (Martin Pool, #403523)
  • Fixed export to existing directory: if directory is empty then export will succeed, otherwise it fails with error. (Alexander Belchenko, #406174)
  • Fixed spurious “Source branch does not support stacking” warning when pushing. (Andrew Bennetts, #388908)
  • Fixed spurious transport activity indicator appearing while tests are running. (Martin Pool, #343532)
  • Merge now correctly handles empty right-hand revision specs. (Aaron Bentley, #333961)
  • Renames to lexographically lower basenames in trees that have never been committed to will no longer corrupt the dirstate. This was caused by an bug in the dirstate update_minimal method. (Robert Collins, #395556)
  • Requests for unknown methods no longer cause the smart server to log lots of backtraces about UnknownSmartMethod, do_chunk or do_end. (Andrew Bennetts, #338561)
  • Shelve will not shelve the initial add of the tree root. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Streaming from bzr servers where there is a chain of stacked branches (A stacked on B stacked on C) will now work. (Robert Collins, #406597)
  • The environment variable BZR_PROGRESS_BAR set to either text or none always forces progress bars either on or off respectively. Otherwise, they’re turned on if TERM is not dumb and stderr is a terminal. bzr always uses the ‘text’ user interface when run as a command, so BZR_USE_TEXT_UI is no longer needed. (Martin Pool, #339385, #387717)
  • The optional _knit_load_data_pyx C extension was never being imported. This caused significant slowdowns when reading data from repositories. (Andrew Bennetts, #405653)
  • The --hardlink option to branch and checkout is not supported at the moment on workingtree formats that can do content filtering. (See <>.) bzr now says so, rather than just ignoring the option. (Martin Pool)
  • There was a bug in osutils.relpath that was only triggered on Windows. Essentially if you were at the root of a drive, and did something to a branch/repo on another drive, we would go into an infinite loop while trying to find a ‘relative path’. (John Arbash Meinel, #394227)
  • WorkingTree4.unversion will no longer fail to unversion ids which were present in a parent tree but renamed in the working tree. (Robert Collins, #187207)


  • Can now rename/move files even if they have been removed from the inventory. (Marius Kruger)
  • Pushing branches with tags via bzr:// and bzr+ssh:// is much faster, using a new Branch.set_tags_bytes smart server verb rather than VFS methods. For example, pushes of small branches with tags take 11 rather than 18 smart server requests. (Andrew Bennetts, #398608)
  • Sending Ctrl-Break on Windows will now drop you into the debugger, in the same way that sending Ctrl-\ does on other platforms. (John Arbash Meinel)


  • Added Bazaar 2.0 Upgrade Guide. (Ian Clatworthy)

API Changes

  • CLIUIFactory is deprecated; use TextUIFactory instead if you need to subclass or create a specific class, or better yet the existing make_ui_for_terminal. SilentUIFactory is clarified to do no user interaction at all, rather than trying to read from stdin but not writing any output, which would be strange if reading prompts or passwords. (Martin Pool)
  • New TransformPreview.commit() allows committing without a working tree. (Aaron Bentley)
  • pb parameter to TextTestResult is deprecated and ignored. (Martin Pool)
  • ProgressTasks now prefer to talk direct to their ProgressView not to the UIFactory. (Martin Pool)
  • WorkingTree._check now requires a references dict with keys matching those returned by WorkingTree._get_check_refs. (Robert Collins)


  • CHKInventory.path2id uses the parent_id to basename hash to avoid reading the entries along the path, reducing work to lookup ids from paths. (Robert Collins)
  • CHKMap.apply_delta now raises InconsistentDelta if a delta adds as new a key which was already mapped. (Robert Collins)
  • Inventory delta application catches more cases of corruption and can prevent corrupt deltas from affecting consistency of data structures on disk. (Robert Collins)
  • –subunit support now adds timestamps if the subunit version supports it. (Robert Collins)
  • The Windows all-in-one installer now bundles the PyQt image format plugins, which allows previewing more images as part of ‘qdiff’. (Alexander Belchenko)


  • Merge directive cherrypick tests must use the same root id. (Martin Pool, #409684)
  • Spurious failure in check tests on rich-root formats fixed. (Martin Pool, #408199)
  • The bzrlib.tests.TextTestRunner will no longer call countTestsCases on the test being run. Progress information is instead handled by having the test passed in call result.progress before running its contents. This improves the behaviour when using TextTestRunner with test suites that don’t support countTestsCases. (Robert Collins)

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