bzr 1.18.1

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This release fixes two small but worthwhile bugs relevant to users on Microsoft Windows: some commands that failed on with locking errors will now work, and a bug that caused poor performance after committing a file with line-ending conversion has now been fixed. It also fixes a bug in pushing to older servers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where using content filtering and especially end-of-line conversion will commit too many copies a file. (Martin Pool, #415508)
  • Fix assertion error about _remember_remote_is_before in set_tags_bytes when pushing to older smart servers. (Andrew Bennetts, Alexander Belchenko, #418931)


  • bzr push locally on Windows will no longer give a locking error with dirstate based formats. (Robert Collins)
  • bzr shelve and bzr unshelve now work on Windows. (Robert Collins, #305006)

API Changes

  • bzrlib.shelf_ui has had the from_args convenience methods of its classes changed to manage lock lifetime of the trees they open in a way consistent with reader-exclusive locks. (Robert Collins, #305006)
  • Tree.path_content_summary may return a size of None, when called on a tree with content filtering where the size of the canonical form cannot be cheaply determined. (Martin Pool)
  • When manually creating transport servers in test cases, a new helper TestCase.start_server that registers a cleanup and starts the server should be used. (Robert Collins)

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