bzr 1.10


Bazaar 1.10 has several performance improvements for copying revisions (especially for small updates to large projects). There has also been a significant amount of effort in polishing stacked branches. The commands shelve and unshelve have become core commands, with an improved implementation.

The only changes versus bzr-1.10rc1 are bugfixes for stacked branches.

bug Fixes

  • Don’t set a pack write cache size from RepoFetcher, because the cache is not coherent with reads and causes ShortReadvErrors. This reverses the change that fixed #294479. (Martin Pool, #303856)
  • Properly handle when a revision can be inserted as a delta versus when it needs to be expanded to a fulltext for stacked branches. There was a bug involving merge revisions. As a method to help prevent future difficulties, also make stacked fetches sort topologically. (John Arbash Meinel, #304841)

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