bzr 1.0rc3



  • If a traceback occurs, users are now asked to report the bug through Launchpad (, rather than by mail to the mailing list. (Martin Pool)


  • Fix Makefile rules for doc generation. (Ian Clatworthy, #175207)
  • Give more feedback during long http downloads by making readv deliver data as it arrives for urllib, and issue more requests for pycurl. High latency networks are better handled by urllib, the pycurl implementation give more feedback but also incur more latency. (Vincent Ladeuil, #173010)
  • Implement _make_parents_provider on RemoteRepository, allowing generating bundles against branches on a smart server. (Andrew Bennetts, #147836)


  • Improved user guide. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • The single-page quick reference guide is now available as a PDF. (Ian Clatworthy)


  • readv urllib http implementation is now a real iterator above the underlying socket and deliver data as soon as it arrives. ‘get’ still wraps its output in a StringIO. (Vincent Ladeuil)

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