bzr 1.0rc2



  • Added a –coverage option to selftest. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • Annotate merge (merge-type=weave) now supports cherrypicking. (Aaron Bentley)
  • bzr commit now doesn’t print the revision number twice. (Matt Nordhoff, #172612)
  • New configuration option bugtracker_<tracker_abbrevation>_url to define locations of bug trackers that are not directly supported by bzr or a plugin. The URL will be treated as a template and {id} placeholders will be replaced by specific bug IDs. (Lukáš Lalinský)
  • Support logging single merge revisions with short and line log formatters. (Kent Gibson)
  • User Guide enhanced with suggested readability improvements from Matt Revell and corrections from John Arbash Meinel. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Quick Start Guide renamed to Quick Start Card, moved down in the catalog, provided in pdf and png format and updated to refer to send instead of bundle. (Ian Clatworthy, #165080)
  • switch can now be used on heavyweight checkouts as well as lightweight ones. After switching a heavyweight checkout, the local branch is a mirror/cache of the new bound branch and uncommitted changes in the working tree are merged. As a safety check, if there are local commits in a checkout which have not been committed to the previously bound branch, then switch fails unless the --force option is given. This option is now also required if the branch a lightweight checkout is pointing to has been moved. (Ian Clatworthy)


  • New -Dhttp debug option reports http connections, requests and responses. (Vincent Ladeuil)
  • New -Dmerge debug option, which emits merge plans for merge-type=weave.


  • Better error message when running bzr cat on a non-existant branch. (Lukáš Lalinský, #133782)
  • Catch OSError 17 (file exists) in final phase of tree transform and show filename to user. (Alexander Belchenko, #111758)
  • Catch ShortReadvErrors while using pycurl. Also make readv more robust by allowing multiple GET requests to be issued if too many ranges are required. (Vincent Ladeuil, #172701)
  • Check for missing basis texts when fetching from packs to packs. (John Arbash Meinel, #165290)
  • Fall back to showing e-mail in log --short/--line if the committer/author has only e-mail. (Lukáš Lalinský, #157026)

API Breaks

  • Deprecate not passing a location argument to commit reporters’ started methods. (Matt Nordhoff)

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