bzr 0.91rc1



  • The default branch and repository format has changed to dirstate-tags, so tag commands are active by default. This format is compatible with Bazaar 0.15 and later. This incidentally fixes bug #126141. (Martin Pool)
  • --quiet or -q is no longer a global option. If present, it must now appear after the command name. Scripts doing things like bzr -q missing need to be rewritten as bzr missing -q. (Ian Clatworthy)


  • New option --author in bzr commit to specify the author of the change, if it’s different from the committer. bzr log and bzr annotate display the author instead of the committer. (Lukáš Lalinský)

  • In addition to global options and command specific options, a set of standard options are now supported. Standard options are legal for all commands. The initial set of standard options are:

    • --help or -h - display help message
    • --verbose or -v - display additional information
    • --quiet or -q - only output warnings and errors.

    Unlike global options, standard options can be used in aliases and may have command-specific help. (Ian Clatworthy)

  • Verbosity level processing has now been unified. If --verbose or -v is specified on the command line multiple times, the verbosity level is made positive the first time then increased. If --quiet or -q is specified on the command line multiple times, the verbosity level is made negative the first time then decreased. To get the default verbosity level of zero, either specify none of the above , --no-verbose or --no-quiet. Note that most commands currently ignore the magnitude of the verbosity level but do respect quiet vs normal vs verbose when generating output. (Ian Clatworthy)

  • Branch.hooks now supports pre_commit hook. The hook’s signature is documented in BranchHooks constructor. (Nam T. Nguyen, #102747)

  • New Repository.stream_knit_data_for_revisions request added to the network protocol for greatly reduced roundtrips when retrieving a set of revisions. (Andrew Bennetts)

Bug Fixes

  • bzr plugins now lists the version number for each plugin in square brackets after the path. (Robert Collins, #125421)
  • Pushing, pulling and branching branches with subtree references was not copying the subtree weave, preventing the file graph from being accessed and causing errors in commits in clones. (Robert Collins)
  • Suppress warning “integer argument expected, got float” from Paramiko, which sometimes caused false test failures. (Martin Pool)
  • Fix bug in bundle 4 that could cause attempts to write data to wrong versionedfile. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Diffs generated using “diff -p” no longer break the patch parser. (Aaron Bentley)
  • get_transport treats an empty possible_transports list the same as a non- empty one. (Aaron Bentley)
  • patch verification for merge directives is reactivated, and works with CRLF and CR files. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Accept a path in revision specifiers. This fixes for example “-r branch:..other-branch” on Windows. (Lukáš Lalinský)
  • BZR_PLUGIN_PATH may now contain trailing slashes. (Blake Winton, #129299)
  • man page no longer lists hidden options (#131667, Aaron Bentley)
  • uncommit --help now explains the -r option adequately. (Daniel Watkins, #106726)
  • Error messages are now better formatted with parameters (such as filenames) quoted when necessary. This avoids confusion when directory names ending in a ‘.’ at the end of messages were confused with a full stop that may or not have been there. (Daniel Watkins, #129791)
  • Fix status FILE -r X..Y. (Lukáš Lalinský)
  • If a particular command is an alias, help will show the alias instead of claiming there is no help for said alias. (Daniel Watkins, #133548)
  • TreeTransform-based operations, like pull, merge, revert, and branch, now roll back if they encounter an error. (Aaron Bentley, #67699)
  • bzr commit now exits cleanly if a character unsupported by the current encoding is used in the commit message. (Daniel Watkins, #116143)
  • bzr send uses default values for ranges when only half of an elipsis is specified (“-r..5” or “-r5..”). (#61685, Aaron Bentley)
  • Avoid trouble when Windows ssh calls itself ‘plink’ but no plink binary is present. (Martin Albisetti, #107155)
  • bzr remove should remove clean subtrees. Now it will remove (without needing --force) subtrees that contain no files with text changes or modified files. With --force it removes the subtree regardless of text changes or unknown files. Directories with renames in or out (but not changed otherwise) will now be removed without needing --force. Unknown ignored files will be deleted without needing --force. (Marius Kruger, #111665)
  • When two plugins conflict, the source of both the losing and now the winning definition is shown. (Konstantin Mikhaylov, #5454)
  • When committing to a branch, the location being committed to is displayed. (Daniel Watkins, #52479)
  • bzr --version takes care about encoding of stdout, especially when output is redirected. (Alexander Belchenko, #131100)
  • Prompt for an ftp password if none is provided. (Vincent Ladeuil, #137044)
  • Reuse bound branch associated transport to avoid multiple connections. (Vincent Ladeuil, #128076, #131396)
  • Overwrite conflicting tags by push and pull if the --overwrite option is specified. (Lukáš Lalinský, #93947)
  • In checkouts, tags are copied into the master branch when created, changed or deleted, and are copied into the checkout when it is updated. (Martin Pool, #93856, #93860)
  • Print a warning instead of aborting the python install process if building of a C extension is not possible. (Lukáš Lalinský, Alexander Belchenko)


  • Add the option “–show-diff” to the commit command in order to display the diff during the commit log creation. (Goffredo Baroncelli)
  • pull and merge are much faster at installing bundle format 4. (Aaron Bentley)
  • pull -v no longer includes deltas, making it much faster. (Aaron Bentley)
  • send now sends the directive as an attachment by default. (Aaron Bentley, Lukáš Lalinský, Alexander Belchenko)
  • Documentation updates (Martin Albisetti)
  • Help on debug flags is now included in help global-options. (Daniel Watkins, #124853)
  • Parameters passed on the command line are checked to ensure they are supported by the encoding in use. (Daniel Watkins)
  • The compression used within the bzr repository has changed from zlib level 9 to the zlib default level. This improves commit performance with only a small increase in space used (and in some cases a reduction in space). (Robert Collins)
  • Initial commit no longer SHAs files twice and now reuses the path rather than looking it up again, making it faster. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • New option -c/--change for diff and status to show changes in one revision. (Lukáš Lalinský)
  • If versioned files match a given ignore pattern, a warning is now given. (Daniel Watkins, #48623)
  • bzr status now has -S as a short name for –short and -V as a short name for –versioned. These have been added to assist users migrating from Subversion: bzr status -SV is now like svn status -q. (Daniel Watkins, #115990)
  • Added C implementation of PatienceSequenceMatcher, which is about 10x faster than the Python version. This speeds up commands that need file diffing, such as bzr commit or bzr diff. (Lukáš Lalinský)
  • HACKING has been extended with a large section on core developer tasks. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Add branches and standalone-trees as online help topics and include them as Concepts within the User Reference. (Paul Moore, Ian Clatworthy)
  • check can detect versionedfile parent references that are inconsistent with revision and inventory info, and reconcile can fix them. These faulty references were generated by 0.8-era releases, so repositories which were manipulated by old bzrs should be checked, and possibly reconciled ASAP. (Aaron Bentley, Andrew Bennetts)

API Breaks

  • Branch.append_revision is removed altogether; please use Branch.set_last_revision_info instead. (Martin Pool)
  • CommitBuilder now advertises itself as requiring the root entry to be supplied. This only affects foreign repository implementations which reuse CommitBuilder directly and have changed record_entry_contents to require that the root not be supplied. This should be precisely zero plugins affected. (Robert Collins)
  • The add_lines methods on VersionedFile implementations has changed its return value to include the sha1 and length of the inserted text. This allows the avoidance of double-sha1 calculations during commit. (Robert Collins)
  • Transport.should_cache has been removed. It was not called in the previous release. (Martin Pool)


  • Tests may now raise TestNotApplicable to indicate they shouldn’t be run in a particular scenario. (Martin Pool)
  • New function multiply_tests_from_modules to give a simpler interface to test parameterization. (Martin Pool, Robert Collins)
  • Transport.should_cache has been removed. It was not called in the previous release. (Martin Pool)
  • NULL_REVISION is returned to indicate the null revision, not None. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Use UTF-8 encoded StringIO for log tests to avoid failures on non-ASCII committer names. (Lukáš Lalinský)


  • bzrlib.plugin.all_plugins has been deprecated in favour of bzrlib.plugin.plugins() which returns PlugIn objects that provide useful functionality for determining the path of a plugin, its tests, and its version information. (Robert Collins)
  • Add the option user_encoding to the function ‘show_diff_trees()’ in order to move the user encoding at the UI level. (Goffredo Baroncelli)
  • Add the function make_commit_message_template_encoded() and the function edit_commit_message_encoded() which handle encoded strings. This is done in order to mix the commit messages (which is a unicode string), and the diff which is a raw string. (Goffredo Baroncelli)
  • CommitBuilder now defaults to using add_lines_with_ghosts, reducing overhead on non-weave repositories which don’t require all parents to be present. (Robert Collins)
  • Deprecated method find_previous_heads on bzrlib.inventory.InventoryEntry. This has been superseded by the use of parent_candidates and a separate heads check via the repository API. (Robert Collins)
  • New trace function mutter_callsite will print out a subset of the stack to the log, which can be useful for gathering debug details. (Robert Collins)
  • bzrlib.pack.ContainerWriter now tracks how many records have been added via a public attribute records_written. (Robert Collins)
  • New method bzrlib.transport.Transport.get_recommended_page_size. This provides a hint to users of transports as to the reasonable minimum data to read. In principle this can take latency and bandwidth into account on a per-connection basis, but for now it just has hard coded values based on the url. (e.g. http:// has a large page size, file:// has a small one.) (Robert Collins)
  • New method on bzrlib.transport.Transport open_write_stream allows incremental addition of data to a file without requiring that all the data be buffered in memory. (Robert Collins)
  • New methods on bzrlib.knit.KnitVersionedFile: get_data_stream(versions), insert_data_stream(stream) and get_format_signature(). These provide some infrastructure for efficiently streaming the knit data for a set of versions over the smart protocol.
  • Knits with no annotation cache still produce correct annotations. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Three new methods have been added to bzrlib.trace: set_verbosity_level, get_verbosity_level and is_verbose. set_verbosity_level expects a numeric value: negative for quiet, zero for normal, positive for verbose. The size of the number can be used to determine just how quiet or verbose the application should be. The existing be_quiet and is_quiet routines have been integrated into this new scheme. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Options can now be delcared with a custom_callback parameter. If set, this routine is called after the option is processed. This feature is now used by the standard options verbose and quiet so that setting one implicitly resets the other. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Rather than declaring a new option from scratch in order to provide custom help, a centrally registered option can be decorated using the new bzrlib.Option.custom_help routine. In particular, this routine is useful when declaring better help for the verbose and quiet standard options as the base definition of these is now more complex than before thanks to their use of a custom callback. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Tree._iter_changes(specific_file=[]) now iterates through no files, instead of iterating through all files. None is used to iterate through all files. (Aaron Bentley)
  • WorkingTree.revert() now accepts None to revert all files. The use of [] to revert all files is deprecated. (Aaron Bentley)

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