bzr 0.90rc1



  • bzr init should connect to the remote location one time only. We have been connecting several times because we forget to pass around the Transport object. This modifies BzrDir.create_branch_convenience, so that we can give it the Transport we already have. (John Arbash Meinel, Vincent Ladeuil, #111702)
  • Get rid of sftp connection cache (get rid of the FTP one too). (Vincent Ladeuil, #43731)
  • bzr branch {local|remote} remote don’t try to create a working tree anymore. (Vincent Ladeuil, #112173)
  • All identified multiple connections for a single bzr command have been fixed. See bzrlib/tests/commands directory. (Vincent Ladeuil)
  • bzr rm now does not insist on --force to delete files that have been renamed but not otherwise modified. (Marius Kruger, #111664)
  • bzr selftest --bench no longer emits deprecation warnings (Lukáš Lalinský)
  • bzr status now honours FILE parameters for conflict lists (Aaron Bentley, #127606)
  • bzr checkout now honours -r when reconstituting a working tree. It also honours -r 0. (Aaron Bentley, #127708)
  • bzr add * no more fails on Windows if working tree contains non-ascii file names. (Kuno Meyer, #127361)
  • allow easy_install bzr runs without fatal errors. (Alexander Belchenko, #125521)
  • Graph._filter_candidate_lca does not raise KeyError if a candidate is eliminated just before it would normally be examined. (Aaron Bentley)
  • SMTP connection failures produce a nice message, not a traceback. (Aaron Bentley)


  • Don’t show “dots” progress indicators when run non-interactively, such as from cron. (Martin Pool)
  • info now formats locations more nicely and lists “submit” and “public” branches (Aaron Bentley)
  • New pack command that will trigger database compression within the repository (Robert Collins)
  • Implement _KnitIndex._load_data in a pyrex extension. The pyrex version is approximately 2-3x faster at parsing a .kndx file. Which yields a measurable improvement for commands which have to read from the repository, such as a 1s => 0.75s improvement in bzr diff when there are changes to be shown. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • Merge is now faster. Depending on the scenario, it can be more than 2x faster. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Give a clearer warning, and allow python install to succeed even if pyrex is not available. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • DirState._read_dirblocks now has an optional Pyrex implementation. This improves the speed of any command that has to read the entire DirState. (diff, status, etc, improve by about 10%). bisect_dirblocks has also been improved, which helps all _get_entry type calls (whenever we are searching for a particular entry in the in-memory DirState). (John Arbash Meinel)
  • bzr pull and bzr push no longer do a complete walk of the branch revision history for ui display unless -v is supplied. (Robert Collins)
  • bzr log -rA..B output shifted to the left margin if the log only contains merge revisions. (Kent Gibson)
  • The plugins command is now public with improved help. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • New bundle and merge directive formats are faster to generate, and
  • Annotate merge now works when there are local changes. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Commit now only shows the progress in terms of directories instead of entries. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Fix KnitRepository.get_revision_graph to not request the graph 2 times. This makes get_revision_graph 2x faster. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • Fix VersionedFile.get_graph() to avoid using set.difference_update(other), which has bad scaling when other is large. This improves VF.get_graph([version_id]) for a 12.5k graph from 2.9s down to 200ms. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • The --lsprof-file option now generates output for KCacheGrind if the file starts with callgrind.out. This matches the default file filtering done by KCacheGrind’s Open Dialog. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Fix bzr update to avoid an unnecessary branch.get_master_branch call, which avoids 1 extra connection to the remote server. (Partial fix for #128076, John Arbash Meinel)
  • Log errors from the smart server in the trace file, to make debugging test failures (and live failures!) easier. (Andrew Bennetts)
  • The HTML version of the man page has been superceded by a more comprehensive manual called the Bazaar User Reference. This manual is completed generated from the online help topics. As part of this change, limited reStructuredText is now explicitly supported in help topics and command help with ‘unnatural’ markup being removed prior to display by the online help or inclusion in the man page. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • HTML documentation now use files extension *.html (Alexander Belchenko)
  • The cache of ignore definitions is now cleared in WorkingTree.unlock() so that changes to .bzrignore aren’t missed. (#129694, Daniel Watkins)
  • bzr selftest --strict fails if there are any missing features or expected test failures. (Daniel Watkins, #111914)
  • Link to registration survey added to README. (Ian Clatworthy)
  • Windows standalone installer show link to registration survey when installation finished. (Alexander Belchenko)

Library API Breaks

  • Deprecated dictionary bzrlib.option.SHORT_OPTIONS removed. Options are now required to provide a help string and it must comply with the style guide by being one or more sentences with an initial capital and final period. (Martin Pool)
  • KnitIndex.get_parents now returns tuples. (Robert Collins)
  • Ancient unused Repository.text_store attribute has been removed. (Robert Collins)
  • The bzrlib.pack interface has changed to use tuples of bytestrings rather than just bytestrings, making it easier to represent multiple element names. As this interface was not used by any internal facilities since it was introduced in 0.18 no API compatibility is being preserved. The serialised form of these packs is identical with 0.18 when a single element tuple is in use. (Robert Collins)


  • merge now uses iter_changes to calculate changes, which makes room for future performance increases. It is also more consistent with other operations that perform comparisons, and reduces reliance on Tree.inventory. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Refactoring of transport classes connected to a remote server. ConnectedTransport is a new class that serves as a basis for all transports needing to connect to a remote server. transport.split_url have been deprecated, use the static method on the object instead. URL tests have been refactored too. (Vincent Ladeuil)
  • Better connection sharing for ConnectedTransport objects. transport.get_transport() now accepts a ‘possible_transports’ parameter. If a newly requested transport can share a connection with one of the list, it will. (Vincent Ladeuil)
  • Most functions now accept bzrlib.revision.NULL_REVISION to indicate the null revision, and consider using None for this purpose deprecated. (Aaron Bentley)
  • New index module with abstract index functionality. This will be used during the planned changes in the repository layer. Currently the index layer provides a graph aware immutable index, a builder for the same index type to allow creating them, and finally a composer for such indices to allow the use of many indices in a single query. The index performance is not optimised, however the API is stable to allow development on top of the index. (Robert Collins)
  • bzrlib.dirstate.cmp_by_dirs can be used to compare two paths by their directory sections. This is equivalent to comparing path.split('/'), only without having to split the paths. This has a Pyrex implementation available. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • New transport decorator ‘unlistable+’ which disables the list_dir functionality for testing.
  • Deprecated change_entry in (Ian Clatworthy)
  • RevisionTree.get_weave is now deprecated. Tree.plan_merge is now used for performing annotate-merge. (Aaron Bentley)
  • New EmailMessage class to create email messages. (Adeodato Simó)
  • Unused functions on the private interface KnitIndex have been removed. (Robert Collins)
  • New knit.KnitGraphIndex which provides a KnitIndex layered on top of a index.GraphIndex. (Robert Collins)
  • New knit.KnitVersionedFile.iter_parents method that allows querying the parents of many knit nodes at once, reducing round trips to the underlying index. (Robert Collins)
  • Graph now has an is_ancestor method, various bits use it. (Aaron Bentley)
  • The -Dhpss flag now includes timing information. As well as logging when a new connection is opened. (John Arbash Meinel)
  • bzrlib.pack.ContainerWriter now returns an offset, length tuple to callers when inserting data, allowing generation of readv style access during pack creation, without needing a separate pass across the output pack to gather such details. (Robert Collins)
  • bzrlib.pack.make_readv_reader allows readv based access to pack files that are stored on a transport. (Robert Collins)
  • New Repository.has_same_location method that reports if two repository objects refer to the same repository (although with some risk of false negatives). (Andrew Bennetts)
  • now passes require_versioned on correctly. (Marius Kruger)
  • New methods on Repository - start_write_group, commit_write_group, abort_write_group and is_in_write_group - which provide a clean hook point for transactional Repositories - ones where all the data for a fetch or commit needs to be made atomically available in one step. This allows the write lock to remain while making a series of data insertions. (e.g. data conversion). (Robert Collins)
  • In bzrlib.knit the internal interface has been altered to use 3-tuples (index, pos, length) rather than two-tuples (pos, length) to describe where data in a knit is, allowing knits to be split into many files. (Robert Collins)
  • bzrlib.knit._KnitData split into cache management and physical access with two access classes - _PackAccess and _KnitAccess defined. The former provides access into a .pack file, and the latter provides the current production repository form of .knit files. (Robert Collins)


  • Remove selftest --clean-output, --numbered-dirs and --keep-output options, which are obsolete now that tests are done within directories in $TMPDIR. (Martin Pool)
  • The SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment variable is now reset to avoid interaction with any running ssh agents. (Jelmer Vernooij, #125955)
  • run_bzr_subprocess handles parameters the same way as run_bzr: either a string or a list of strings should be passed as the first parameter. Varargs-style parameters are deprecated. (Aaron Bentley)

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