bzr 0.8.1


Bug Fixes

  • Fix failure to commit a merge in a checkout. (Martin Pool, Robert Collins, Erik Bågfors, #43959)
  • Nicer messages from ‘commit’ in the case of renames, and correct messages when a merge has occured. (Robert Collins, Martin Pool)
  • Separate functionality from assert statements as they are skipped in optimized mode of python. Add the same check to pending merges. (Olaf Conradi, #44443)


  • Do not show the None revision in output of bzr ancestry. (Olaf Conradi)
  • Add info on standalone branches without a working tree. (Olaf Conradi, #44155)
  • Fix bug in knits when raising InvalidRevisionId. (Olaf Conradi, #44284)


  • Make editor invocation comply with Debian Policy. First check environment variables VISUAL and EDITOR, then try editor from alternatives system. If that all fails, fall back to the pre-defined list of editors. (Olaf Conradi, #42904)

New Features

  • New ‘register-branch’ command registers a public branch into, where it can be associated with bugs, etc. (Martin Pool, Bjorn Tillenius, Robert Collins)


  • New public api in InventoryEntry - describe_change(old, new) which provides a human description of the changes between two old and new. (Robert Collins, Martin Pool)


  • Fix test case for bzr info in upgrading a standalone branch to metadir, uses bzrlib api now. (Olaf Conradi)

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