bzr 0.15rc2


Notes When Upgrading

  • Release 0.15rc2 of bzr changes the bzr init-repo command to default to --trees instead of --no-trees. Existing shared repositories are not affected.


  • New merge-directive command to generate machine- and human-readable merge requests. (Aaron Bentley)
  • New submit: revision specifier makes it easy to diff against the common ancestor with the submit location (Aaron Bentley)
  • Added support for Putty’s SSH implementation. (Dmitry Vasiliev)
  • Added bzr status --versioned to report only versioned files, not unknowns. (Kent Gibson)
  • Merge now autodetects the correct line-ending style for its conflict markers. (Aaron Bentley)


  • Refactored SSH vendor registration into SSHVendorManager class. (Dmitry Vasiliev)


  • New --numbered-dirs option to bzr selftest to use numbered dirs for TestCaseInTempDir. This is default behavior on Windows. Anyone can force named dirs on Windows with --no-numbered-dirs. (Alexander Belchenko)
  • Fix RevisionSpec_revid to handle the Unicode strings passed in from the command line. (Marien Zwart, #90501)
  • Fix TreeTransform._iter_changes when both the source and destination are missing. (Aaron Bentley, #88842)
  • Fix commit of merges with symlinks in dirstate trees. (Marien Zwart)
  • Switch the bzr init-repo default from –no-trees to –trees. (Wouter van Heyst, #53483)

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