bzr 0.0.9


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “branch -r” option.
  • Fix remote access to branches containing non-compressed history. (Robert Collins).
  • Better reliability of http server tests. (John Arbash-Meinel)
  • Merge graph maximum distance calculation fix. (Aaron Bentley)
  • Various minor bug in windows support have been fixed, largely in the test suite. Contributed by Alexander Belchenko.


  • Status now accepts a -r argument to give status between chosen revisions. Contributed by Heikki Paajanen.
  • Revision arguments no longer use +/-/= to control ranges, instead there is a ‘before’ namespace, which limits the successive namespace. For example ‘$ bzr log -r date:yesterday..before:date:today’ will select everything from yesterday and before today. Contributed by Robey Pointer
  • There is now a bzr.bat file created by distutils when building on Windows. Contributed by Alexander Belchenko.


  • Removed uuid() as it was unused.
  • Improved ‘fetch’ code for pulling revisions from one branch into another (used by pull, merged, etc.)

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