Bazaar Contribution in Five Minutes

Contributing to Bazaar requires attention to quality. To ensure high-quality commits, the “Bazaar process” involves you in our code review and improvement activities.

In brief, a contribution should include:

  1. A brief rationale, including expected audience and use cases, for inclusion in Bazaar.
  2. A branch registered as a branch on Launchpad, and submitted as a merge proposal.
  3. The branch should include:
    1. implementation of the feature,
    2. user documentation (if the feature is visible in the user interface) and/or developer documentation (if new or changed APIs are provided), and
    3. tests to ensure the specification is correctly implemented.

For more information, see the Bazaar Developer Guide.

If you are not an experienced Bazaar contributor, why not ask for mentoring? When you submit your merge proposal on Launchpad, simply say “I’d like to be mentored, please” in your submission. Or ask for help with your contribution on the IRC channel, mailing list, or on Launchpad (

Current Bazaar Mentors

See the roster at, although other developers may help too!

Bazaar Mentors FAQ

  1. Why is this “Bazaar process” in HACKING.txt so complicated?

    Answer: If we knew that, we’d simplify it! We are working on streamlining many aspects, but quality comes first.

  1. What sort of things can a mentor help with?

    Anything that’s getting in your way, time permitting. This includes guiding you through the bzrlib API, explaining how to use our test infrastructure, discussing possible designs for your bug fix or feature, and so on.

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