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Setting up email

The various ways that exist to tell Bazaar your email address for commits.

Why set up an email address with Bazaar?

Bazaar stores the claimed email address in revisions when they're created, so that people can tell who commited which revisions. Of course, people can change the email address claimed, so you have to trust the people involved. Additionally, the email address in a revision gives others a way to contact the author of a revision for credit and/or blame. :)

How to setup your email address

Bazaar will try to guess an email address based on your username and the hostname if none is set. This will probably not be what you want, so three ways exist to tell Bazaar what email to use

  • You can set your email in the default ini file,
  • You can set emails per-branch in the branch specific ini file,
  • Or your email can be set by an environmental variable.

The order of precedence is

  1. If the $BZREMAIL env variable is set, use it.
  2. If an email is set for your current branch in the locations.conf ini file.
  3. If an email is set in the bazaar.conf default ini file.
  4. If the $EMAIL env variable is set.
  5. Bazaar will try to guess based on your username and the hostname.

To check on what Bazaar thinks your current email is, use the '''whoami''' ("who am i?") command:

% bzr whoami
Joe Cool <>

Setting email via the 'whoami' command

You can use the whoami command to set your email globally:

% bzr whoami 'Joe Cool <>'

or only for the current branch:

% bzr whoami --branch 'Joe Cool <>'

These modify your global bazaar.conf or branch branch.conf file, respectively.

Setting email via default ini file

To use the default ini file, create the file $HOME/.bazaar/bazaar.conf (on Windows this is %APPDATA%bazaar2.0bazaar.conf) and set an email address as shown below. Please note that the word DEFAULT is case sensitive, and must be in upper-case.:

email=Your Name <>

For more information on the ini file format, see ConfiguringBzr.

Setting email on a per-branch basis

The second approach is to set email on a branch by branch basis by using the $HOME/.bazaar/locations.conf ini file, thusly:

email=Your Name <>

This will set your email address in the branch at /some/branch/location, overriding the default specified in the bazaar.conf above.

Setting email via environment

The final method Bazaar will use is checking for the $BZREMAIL and $EMAIL environment variables. Generally, one would use this method to override the email in a script context. If you would like to set a general default, then please see the ini methods above.

Concerns for spam

Some people want to avoid sharing their email address so as not to get spam. Bazaar will never disclose your email address, unless you publish a branch or changeset in a public location. It's recommended that you ''do'' use a real address, so that people can contact you about your work, but it's not required. You can use an address which is obfuscated, which bounces, or which goes through an anti-spam service such as